Found an Italian who faked his suicide 10 years ago after his divorce and went to live in Greece

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Italy is witnessing with astonishment a divorce case with an absolutely unexpected ending. Italian public television (RAI) has located a man in Greece who was presumed dead ten years ago. The procedures initiated by his ex-wife were the key to finding him.

Adam Guerra55, had left a farewell letter in 2013 in which he announced his suicide to his parents and asked them to help his ex-wife and daughters: “Now is the time to finish. I will try to do this last step well to save you the pain of a funeral,” he wrote.

And although his body was not found, his family assumed he was dead: his car appeared in the port of Ancona (center) and after a police investigation without results they assumed that he drowned in the sea and that is why his remains were never found. recuperate.

The reality was very different, since Guerra had taken a boat bound for the Greek town of Patraswhere he had resided since his disappearance and where he was located after his ex-wife began divorce proceedings.

“He is not a man, nor a father”said his ex-wife Raffaella in the RAI program “Quien lo ha ver”, after the images were broadcast in which the individual asked the television team that had found him to leave and to say that they had not seen him.

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