Found the black box of the Boeing 737 Max 8


First in Indonesia, then in Ethiopia: 157 people die in an accident of a Boeing 737 Max 8. Even the Germans are among the victims. The search for the cause begins.

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One day after the plane crash in Ethiopia, with 157 dead, the flight recorder of the broken car was found. This reported the state television station of Ethiopia Fana. A representative of the airline Ethiopian Airlines confirmed this by stating that the black box of the Boeing 737 Max 8 was initially damaged. Therefore it is not yet clear how much information can be obtained from it.

Passport for passengers is at the location of the Ethi Airlines Flight 302 near Bishoftu, south of Addis Ababa. (Source: dpa)Passport for passengers is at the location of the Ethi Airlines Flight 302 near Bishoftu, south of Addis Ababa. (Source: dpa)

Flight recorders contain, among other things, flight data records and calls in the cabin, which is very important for investigators when it comes to clarifying the cause of the accident. The black boxes are built in such a robust way that they normally survive bad luck.

The car, which was supposed to fly from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to the Kenyan metropolis of Nairobi, crashed on Sunday morning shortly after take-off.

Germans among the victims

After the accident, the relatively new type of aircraft Boeing 737 Max 8 must remain in the first countries on the ground. The airline company of China and Ethiopia said on Monday a ban on departure for all identical machines. On Sunday, five Germans died on board the Ethiopian plane. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany must confirm that, according to the current state of knowledge, five German citizens are among the victims of the plane crash in Ethiopia, "a spokeswoman said in Berlin.

Ethiopian Airlines commented on the launch ban of the Boeing 737 Max 8: "Even if we do not know exactly the cause of the accident, we decided to leave these machines on the ground as an additional security measure". In China, for now, nearly 100 Boeing aircraft are not allowed. The CAAC aviation authority confirmed Monday at the German news agency that the airlines of the country own 96 cars of the kind of bad luck Boeing 737 Max 8. The agency had previously instructed the airlines to stop temporarily flights on Boeing until security risks are eliminated. The authority stressed that it was already the second misfortune with the type of machine in a short time.

The crash of an Air Air plane of the Boeing 737 Max 8 of Lion Air killed 189 people in Indonesia. Both incidents have had "some similarities," said the CAAC. Both flights were in good weather conditions shortly after the start of trouble. At the beginning, a possible similar error in electronics could not be ruled out.

The Caribbean airline Cayman Airways has stated that the two Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft of the airline have remained on the ground for the moment, until there is no further information on the Ethiopian disaster. The aircraft has been delivered by Boeing since 2017.

No survivors

In Ethiopia, experts began Monday with identification of victims and clarification of the cause of the accident. All 149 passengers and 8 crew members of the car crashed in the crash. According to the airline they were among the victims of 35 countries including 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, 9 Ethiopians and 8 Americans, Italians and Chinese. According to United Nations figures, at least 19 UN employees were among the victims.

Ethiopian Airlines is a reliable airline and, like Lufthansa, is a member of the Star Alliance alliance. Ethiopia offers connections all over the world with Frankfurt, Munich, London, New York, Bangkok and Dubai. Ethiopia has expanded aggressively in Africa in recent years and is now considered South African Airways South African Airways to be the most important airline in the region.

The aircraft in flight ET 302 crashed near the town of Bishoftu, about 50 kilometers south-east of the Ethiopian capital. Shortly after departure, the expert pilot interrupted an emergency call and received authorization to return, Ethiopian Airlines said.

Boeing is under pressure

The new machine was repaired last February 4. A routine check just before Sunday's departure showed no problems, said the head of the airline Tewolde GebreMariam. Approximately 1,200 hours were used from the purchase of the aircraft at the end of 2018. The pilot had worked for the airline since 2010. The Ethiopian has another four Boeing 737 Max 8s.

The manufacturer Boeing initially did not comment on the accident. In a statement posted on the website, Boeing sentenced relatives of the victims and announced the deployment of experts in Ethiopia. These should help in the investigation of the cause of the accident. In Ethiopia, a special commission had already been formed on Sunday by experts in air traffic control, the ministry of transport and the airline, as announced by Ethiopian Airlines.

For Ethiopian, it is not the first misfortune of an airplane. On January 25, 2010, a Boeing 737-800 airline company off the Lebanese coast crashed into the Mediterranean, killing 90 inmates. In November 1996, an airline's plane was abducted. He was also going from Addis Ababa to Nairobi. The kidnappers asked, in spite of less fuel, to fly to Australia. The captain decided to leave the Comoros to save as many passengers as possible. 125 prisoners died, about 50 survived.



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