Founder Wants Rey Known Close to Members

Both hope that the health insurtech start-up they have developed will be useful.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The founders of Rey ( Evan Tanotogono and Bobby Siagian hope start-up health insurtech what they have developed can provide great benefits to society. Evan, as CEO, explained that by being application-based, he wanted Rey to focus on insurance health, mental and critical illness can be known closely to its members.

“We want member feel the experience not only when buying a policy, but Rey wants to get to know and interact with memberin a more personal way, both through health services to various features to improve the quality of life in a healthier direction,” Evan said in his official statement, Monday (13/9).

Evan explained that Rey’s emergence began with a desire to contribute to increasing the penetration of life and health insurance in Indonesia through a new and different approach. According to him, Rey is run with continuous innovation end-to-end, ranging from digital distribution, integration with health services both online and offline offline, as well as the use of features wellness.

“Lots pain points What we see in the life and health insurance industry in Indonesia is so entrenched that Rey’s approach is not just digitizing part of a long-standing process but redesigning how health, life, and critical illness insurance should be offered in Indonesia,” said Evan.

Evan added, another problem that becomes an opportunity for the company health insurtech such as Rey, to increase the penetration of digital insurance in Indonesia is a change that has occurred in society since the Covid-19 pandemic, namely how to handle health. People are starting to realize the importance of having protection through insurance, efforts to live a healthier life, to awareness to use technology in the health sector.

He believes that Rey’s presence will make it easier for people who care about health and the future. That’s because, he said, Rey gave full access to the member to access health services, such as self-checking services (self-diagnostics) based Artificial Intelligence, doctor’s teleconsultation services, and ordering and delivery of drugs according to prescriptions, to visits to doctors at partner clinics on a cashless basis with the Rey application.

“From the health service side, Rey focuses more on the quality of care (quality of care). Features and plots in Rey, starting from self-diagnostics to teleconsultation and drug purchase, designed so that member Rey can get maximum overall comfort even from telehealth services. Rey also provides special doctors who have been selected and curated for teleconsultation services so that service standards can be maintained properly,” he said.

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