Founders want to inspire the British for healthy food

Mohamed Chahin (l.), Marco Langhoff (m.) And Robin Himmels

With Eat Clever, the three founders are represented in over 60 cities in Germany.

(Photo: Eatclever)

HamburgMohamed Chahin is not deterred by the Brexit quarrels. This week, he starts with his food delivery service Eat Clever in London to target more British cities from there. "The delivery market is much more developed in the UK than in Germany. Therefore, we have decided to take the risk of Brexit, "says the 26-year-old co-founder.

Together with Marco Langhoff and Robin Himmels, the North German founded the virtual restaurant Eat Clever four years ago in Hamburg. In the meantime, restaurateurs in more than 60 German cities are taking part: They offer and deliver healthy dishes according to Eat Clever specifications.

The platform gets a commission for it. This year, for the first time more than ten million euros order sales come together, Chahin hopes.

After a first step abroad in Zurich, England will now accelerate growth – funded by its own resources. Last year, Chahin and his colleagues had actually wanted to get another investor, but now the business is running strong enough to handle the expansion alone, says the young entrepreneur.

So far, the start-up has funded crowdfunding, in addition came as a sponsor of the About-You founder Tarek Müller and the now deceased recruit Stefan Kolle.

In recent months, Chahin has been in London again and again to convince restaurateurs of his concept. It starts in three parts of the metropolis, then further cities are to be added, supervised by a local team.

In doing so, Chahin wants to benefit from existing infrastructure: the partner restaurants are also to be delivered via the British providers Deliveroo and Just Eat. The brand Eat Clever should establish itself as an alternative for healthier offers such as curries and rice pans. At the same time, the Swiss expansion should continue.

Chahin receives recognition for its founding: Along with co-founder Sky, Forbes magazine has included him in the 2019 edition of his "30 under 30" list of notable ecommerce founders. Accordingly, the claim is: Eat Clever wants to build a "big business" in the UK, announces Chahin – and thus also a role model for other German Internet start-ups in the country.

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