Four arrested for links to jihadist terrorism that they claimed "spill blood to recover Al Andalus"

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The National Police has arrested Huétor Tajar (Granada), Cubelles (Barcelona) and Madrid four young people for crimes of indoctrination with terrorist purposes.

Two of those investigated had married and spoke of “shedding blood to recover Al Andalus and restore the Caliphate“Investigators have confirmed how these people, linked through closed social media groups, had suffered a radicalization process, as stated by the Police in a statement.

The leader of the group, who called himself Caliph, carried out massive consumption of violent content and used social networks to capture and indoctrinate. Three of them have already been imprisoned by order of the National Court.

The investigation began in 2022, when experts in the fight against terrorism detected the Caliphwho energized his followers and created private groups to which he invited radicals with whom he established greater trust and in whom they spoke openly about the terrorist cause.

Three of the arrests were made last Wednesday and the fourth this Thursday in Huétor Tájar (Granada) where the members of the General Information Commissioner of the National Police arrested a 22-year-old young man for his links to jihadist terrorism through social networks.

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