Four Irregularities in the Malang Plaza Mall Fire, One of which was for an Insurance Claim of 16 Billion

Malang, – After the fire at Malang Plaza Mall located on Jalan KH Agus Salim, Klojen District, Malang City a few days ago, there were findings of facts and irregularities behind this incident.

First, related to Force Majeure (no intention) in the Malang Plaza fire incident.

Solehoddin, the attorney appointed by the management of Malang Plaza, said that there was no element of intent in this fire. They represented the entire management of Malang Plaza and apologized to all the fire victims.

“In our opinion, the incident that happened to Malang Plaza was a force majeure. There was no element of intent related to the fire,” said Solehuddin.

Solehuddin said that the cooperation clause between the management and the booth owner had explained, among other things, that if there was a force majeure then there would be no responsibility for the management to the victims or booth owners who were affected by the fire.

“Article 7 has been explained in the agreement. It is also possible for the tenants to take legal action or something like that. But I hope nothing happens and it can be resolved peacefully,” Solehuddin said to the media crew.

Second, the police are asking for statements from seven witnesses.

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