Four killed in Colombian army helicopter crash captured on video

President confirmed four dead in the accident during a supply operation


An image from the video of the accident, which runs on social media.© DR

A video released on social media shows the moment a Colombian army helicopter lost control and began to spin, before crashing in Quibdó, in the Chocó region. Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed the death of the four soldiers who were on board.

The helicopter was on a supply mission, to bring food to soldiers on the ground, when it crashed, explained the president in a first message on Twitter.

“A few minutes ago an army helicopter crashed in Quibdó, which was carrying out supply functions. I ordered the authorities to immediately go to the place and respond with an emergency and investigate the causes of what happened”, said Petro.

About an hour and a half later it confirmed that there were no survivors. “With sadness I regret to inform that there were no survivors of the plane crash in Quibdó. I accompany the families of Captain Héctor Jerez, Lieutenant Julieth García, Second Sergeant Johan Orozco and Second Sergeant Ruben Leguizamon in this painful moment. We will not leave them alone”, he indicated. .

The helicopter was charred, having caught fire in the fall.

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