Four Kings One War chess game started on Steam | Games

Chess developers Four Kings One War launched a temporary distribution of the game on Steam. You can add an unusual strategy to the library for free until May 19, 10:00 Moscow time.

Four Kings One War is based on chess, but each party member controls two armies at once and can move two pieces per move. The game is in early access and supports single and network battles, as well as a mode for VR devices.

Initially, the developers planned to distribute a limited number of keys, but later made Four Kings One War free for everyone. The base cost of the game is ₽259.

Until May 22, you can also get a free copy of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game on Steam, and try Fallout 76 until May 18. In parallel with this, the Grand Theft Auto V distribution takes place in the Epic Games Store.

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