Four-legged models in front of the camera

Polo Posen

The portrait photographer Uli Weber has staged horses for Hackett London in front of the camera.

(Photo: Uli Weber / Hackett)

Dusseldorf England is considered the birthplace of football. In 1863 the Football Association was founded – the world's first association. What is going down: Another sport that is similarly popular with Britons is at least as old: Polo.

150 years of the horse spectacle, which the islanders imported from India, they celebrate this year. For the fashion label Hackett London, this is the occasion for a photo exhibition. In May, the four-legged pictures of well-known artists in the auction house Christie's could be examined – only for a week.

Seven pictures, four of them on this page, were shot by Ulm born Uli Weber. The 55-year-old, who has lived in London since 1986, is best known for celebrity portraits and had Sting, Eddie Redmayne or Kylie Minogue in front of the camera.

Heber already proved that Weber can do it with horses as early as 2018: his illustrated book “The Allure of Horses” shows animals leaping over covered tables or riders galloping through swirling sand.

The money collected at the Hackett auction goes to the charity club of the Army Polo Team. The label has a more than 30-year partnership with the British association, and has been sponsoring the men's brand since 2005.

Polo was one of the first sports co-operations ever – today there are in the Hackett collection also Aston Martin jackets or ties of the royal rowing regatta. Everything is very British.

This text is taken from the Handelsblatt magazine N ° 5/2019. Download the complete Handelsblatt magazine as a PDF – or buy it printed on the kiosk with the Handelsblatt on 13th September 2019.

More: Aston Martin sells five models called “Hackett Edition” – including a bespoke suit. It is the culmination of a brand partnership.

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