News Four of the suspects arrested in the investigation of...

Four of the suspects arrested in the investigation of wapenvondst job NOW

The police Thursday morning, four suspects have been arrested after raids at homes in Hoofddorp, the netherlands, Hillegom, Meppel, Breukelen, the netherlands. The police have been to the four already on the trail of the discovery of automatic weapons, in march of last year.

In march, 2019 at the latest, it was in the Hoofddorpse residential area of the Grain for Fish, in a lock-up garage, a loading and automatic firearms, are found. There are also silencers, and hand grenades found in the adjacent garage, and a hennepkwekerij set was over.

The police are taking the matter very seriously, because serious criminals, such items are often used, for example, to winding up. Earlier, two suspects arrested.

The four new suspects are men between the ages of 29 and 37 years old. It will be out later this week to appear before the court. The suspects will be announced.



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