Four players eliminated for having fought while the knights threw Rabbitoh


Newcastle has made six consecutive victories, coming home from 20 to 12 on South Sydney in a game overflowing with feelings and controversy.

An alleged header by Rabbitohs owner Tom Burgess sparked a violent punch that hit four Souths and Newcastle players in the bin at the ANZ stadium on Friday night.

A fight between Burgess and the stand-in Daniel Saifiti one minute before the break caused the stadium to break up, with Knights captain Mitchell Pearce who told referee Grant Atkins that Burgess had slammed his teammate while removing the ball.

Both big men were struck by Atkins as sin, while Lachlan Fitzgibbon and commander Rabbitohs Sam Burgess were marched to participate in the fray.

The replays showed Burgess that he came into contact with Saifiti's head with his own, before both men exchanged punches, some landing, some not.

"Sam Burgess comes from a dog that hits him from behind when no one looks at him, our boys are just breaking him, so there are two who have to go, one has to be expelled, if he does go with his head, he has to go," Pearce he told Atkins.

"He slammed him against him, then he tracked him from behind, our boys just reacted."

The incident will be reviewed by the match review committee, with Manly's Corey Waddell delivering a two-shot suspension for a Liam Martin head from Penrith last week.

It meant that almost the first 10 minutes of the second half were played on 11 and 11, opening the field for a team to be exploited. Only Newcastle did it, when Connor Watson, who was exceptional to the prostitute, stepped over the middle of the dummy to extend his team's advantage to 18-6.

The Knights had opened the scoring after a few minutes across the former South, behind Hymel Hunt, and drove for the rest of the night. Mitchell Barnett continued his strong form with a test.

James Roberts scored first for the home team, touching in the first half to make a successful comeback to his former team, and Sam Burgess ran late to give them some hope of a comeback, but he canceled it at reboot when he took the dead kick and poor maneuverability in slippery conditions meant they were unable to get close.

Sam Burgess has the plague of sin.
Sam Burgess has the plague of sin.
© Photo Robb Cox / NRL


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