Fourth dose for people over 80 years of age in Catalonia: When will it be administered?

Catalonia will begin to put the fourth doses of the vaccine against covid-19 to older than 80 years from autumn, as announced this Friday by the ‘conseller’ of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, in the morning program of RTVE, ‘Coffee of ideas’. In the absence of the Ministry of Health announcing when will it start vaccinating the elderly (something that seemed imminent a couple of weeks ago), Salut has come forward and he has said that he will put the fourth doses from autumn

Even so, Argimon did not specify a more specific date, but he has specified that the moment chosen is not trivial: the coronavirus has more incidence with the arrival of the cold. The ‘minister’ has also not specified what type of vaccine this group will be immunized with. “It is being studied” has indicated.

Argimon has been concise when giving details, but has stated that Salut works “mainly” in this age group, one of the most vulnerable. In this way, it has closed the option, for the time being, of applying the fourth dose of the vaccine to other age groups progressively.

with the flu

for the nurse Alba Brugués, president of the Association of Family and Community Nursing (Aificc), it would not be “bad policy” to vaccinate covid-19 in the fall to the elderly and take advantage of the same appointment to also give them the flu vaccine. Salut has not specified that it will be like this, but for the nurses it would make all the sense in the world. “Vaccinate both vaccines at the same time gives very good results” says Brugués.

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In addition, he does not think it is too late to give them the fourth dose in the fall (although it depends on when the third was given), among other things because although right now, although there are again infections in nursing homes, there are no serious cases or more mortality in them.

However, the epidemiologist Joan Caylà, who warns that the seventh wave continues its advance, remembers that USA and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) They already recommend putting the fourth dose of the anticovid vaccine from the age of 50 in those people who have some type of vulnerability.

“Vaccinating the elderly in the fall would have the advantage that they would also get the flu vaccine. But the epidemiological situation, right now, is not very good. Every week more than 200 people die in Spain,” says this member of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE).

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Cayà advocates finding out if the dead or seriously ill with covid-19 were vaccinated, how many doses they had, what was the date of the last dose and the reason why they became infected. “That is, if for example we discover that they were infected indoors for not wearing a mask, This measure could be corrected. But it would be necessary to know it quickly to act accordingly, “he says.

It also calls for progress in third doses, that only 52% of Spaniards have. Many passed the omicron in the sixth wave and that is why they have not been able to put on the third yet. “Many people passed the super mild infection and that means that they have not generated enough antibodies. It is necessary to advance in the third doses”, insists Caylà.

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