Fourth missile test and license from Trump


Nordkorea has again tested a new missile system on Saturday morning. The exercise had gone to the “great satisfaction” of the ruler Kim Jong-un, who personally followed the process together with leading party representatives, the state agency KCNA reported. In the test of the newly developed multi-missile system, it was all about checking the flight history at higher altitudes and impact, it was said. Details of the system were not mentioned.

It was already the fourth missile test within a few days. Last week, North Korea had already fired rockets in response to August's joint military exercises in South Korea and the United States. Two more rockets on Wednesday were presented by Pyongyang as a test of a new missile launcher system, which is to take a key role in military ground operations, according to the State Agency KCNA. Friday morning saw the third missile test.

UN resolutions prohibit North Korea – which has tested nuclear weapons several times – from launching ballistic missiles of short, medium and long range. Such rockets are usually ground-to-surface missiles that can carry a conventional, chemical, biological or nuclear warhead.

License from Trump?

US President Donald Trump sees no violation of his agreement with the North Korean ruler in recent rocket tests. At the Kim meeting in Singapore in June 2018, short-range missiles were not discussed, Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday. It is true that the tests would violate UN resolutions. “But Chairman Kim does not want to disappoint me with a breach of trust, North Korea has far too much to gain – the potential as a country under Kim Jong-us leadership is unlimited.”

Trump continued, “I'm wrong, but I think Chairman Kim has a great and beautiful vision of his country and only the United States, with me as President, can make that vision a reality. He'll do the right thing because he's far too smart not to do it, and he does not want to disappoint his friend, President Trump. “

North Korean expert Go Myong-hyun of Seoul's Asan Institute thinks Trump's reaction is a tactical mistake because it de facto gives the Pyongyang regime carte blanche for further tests on short-range missiles. “The provocations are carefully calibrated. North Korea will continue to escalate unless the United States changes its position in the denuclearization negotiations. “



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