FP-Krauss: Hearing for the Vienna City Councilor for Education in the interests of transparency

Diffuse educational plans of the red and pink city government must be illuminated

Vienna (OTS) “It is hard to understand that the municipal councilors are required to elect new city councilors and the future mayor – without first having the opportunity to get personal information about their political plans”, commented the Vienna NEOS – Club chairman and current NEOS party leader Beate Meinl-Reisinger in May 2018 the then upcoming election of the city senate members.

The current NEOS club boss in Vienna, Christoph Wiederkehr, also drummed “Hearings instead of post-chess” during the last Vienna election campaign and demanded an advertisement before any employment with the city administration.

“Now the time has come for NEOS to prove how much their word is really worth. The best thing to do is to start with the formation of the City Council for Education, because the plans in the education sector described in the red-pink coalition program are, on the one hand, completely diffuse and, on the other hand, simply harmful to our youth, ”said Maximilian Krauss, the future FPÖ club chairman in Vienna’s state parliament, calling for a public hearing for the City Councilor for Education.

“The government program is a series of truisms, peppered with left ideological daydreams. The program does not contain bold and necessary steps in education. Rather, it is a continuation of the red-green multi-cultural course. The problem of Islamic kindergartens is not even mentioned in the government program, ”continues Krauss.

Krauss is particularly annoyed that in the field of education the remaining Austrian students are completely forgotten: “It is emphasized several times that one must support migrant children and that there should even be free interpreters for the parents. The red-pink government does not seem to care how an Austrian child feels who is sitting in the class with lots of non-German speakers! “

Krauss concludes that the FPÖ does not support any city councilor for education who does not disclose its plans transparently and puts ideological delusions before the education of young people. (Enough)

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