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FPÖ – Hofer: “Responsible Ping Pong” around Ischgl is unbearable | Freedom Parliamentary Club

If new revelations are correct, Minister of Health Anschober is ready to step down

Vienna (OTS) “Again and again new knowledge about the failure in the Corona Causa Ischgl – and again and again the Minister of Health wears off, asking for more time to sort facts. It can’t go on like this, ”is FPÖ federal party chairman NAbg. Norbert Hofer convinced. In the recent revelations of the daily newspaper “Der Standard” the health minister is accused of not having forwarded the warnings from abroad to the Tyrolean authorities with one exception. Minister Anschober did not want to comment, however. You have to check the facts first – and that takes time. Hofer: “In-house research into whether a report was forwarded is not a scientific analysis and should actually be answered within a few hours. This “responsibility ping pong” between the ÖVP-dominated Tyrol and the Green Ministry of Health in the Ischgl case is unbearable. If the research of “Der Standard” corresponds to the facts, Health Minister Anschober is ready to step down. “

The list of errors made by the Minister of Health would have been long enough without the latest media report, although the list below does not claim to be complete.

  • On February 26, Anschober described the closing of the external borders as required by the FPÖ as a political signal that made no sense since the virus did not keep to borders. Also on this day, Minister Anschober looked unerringly into the future and said: “Respirators are not required. I don’t recommend that we all use respirators. ”
  • Barely a month later, he saw only a “populist demand” in the comprehensive corona tests demanded by the FPÖ.
  • A week before Easter, the Minister of Health created maximum confusion with his “Easter decree”. Although nobody is actually allowed to leave the house, the decree allows meetings with a maximum of 5 non-household members on Easter holidays. The decree is kicked into the bin after much excitement.
  • On April 27 – after a month in which the Austrians were de facto locked up – the Ministry of Health made it clear that private meetings were always allowed anyway.
  • In addition, there are “last minute” regulations – such as the one from May 1, 2020 on which relaxation in the field of sports was the subject. Although the easing from this date was announced at press conferences two weeks in advance, the Minister of Health was unable to draw up the regulation in a timely manner. It was only released in the night of April 30, 2020.

FPÖ federal party chairman Norbert Hofer: “The list of failures of the health minister is long. After all the chaos that was caused here, Minister Anschober should also question his work. His party colleague Ulrike Lunacek did that – and took the consequences. “

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