France 2: Marie-Christine will beat the longevity record in a television game?

You can say thank you to Mehdi and Tijani. It is thanks to her 12-year-old twins that Marie-Christine Alaoui Soulimani has signed up for "Everyone wants to take her place". "We watched the show every day with the family and I often beat the champion, they harassed me for two years to convince me that I had my chance," says the 48-year-old mother who lives in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val -de-Marne).

Overcoming the casting of the France 2 game of which she is a fan, Marie-Christine was far from imagining that she would rub Nagui for more than six months. The moment the guest continues to joke with Marie-Christine by stating that he will leave the show before her.

This Thursday afternoon, the super-champion won the show for the 192th time. If he wins again on Friday, he will beat the longevity world record in a game show, currently held by Christian Quesada, eliminated in January 2017 by "Twelve Twelfths of TF1" after 193 days of flight.

"At school I did not need to work"

Longevity owes its imposing general culture, forged since childhood. "I've always read a lot and listen to the radio every day," he explains modestly. But Marie-Christine recognizes as rare a quality as possible: it preserves absolutely everything. "Do not tell the children, but I did not need to work at school, I just had to listen to the lessons carefully," laughs the former model student of Rochefort (Charente-Maritime), who earned quite a mention of his literary BAC, math option.

The rules of the game of France 2 allow him to choose the theme of the questionnaire and avoid his beasts: like Colette she "hates", flags, geography, gastronomy and wine … "It does not matter I do not care at all … We revisit with the boys, but it's not printed … So they give me space when I'm wrong about things they know, "says Marie-Christine, who became the protagonist of her children's recreation court. And even from his supermarket. "At the beginning it was really weird, they talked to me like a movie star, I felt like a fiction, but people are always nice, they tell me: Do not let yourself go ! ".

€ 192,700 for his home and his children

The victory, Marie-Christine took a taste. He knows his competitive spirit since his years as an amateur handball player. "I do not like losing, especially if it's my fault …" recognizes the champion who constantly chooses the most difficult questions for his challengers.

As the record looms, the super champion fears defeat. And above all a baby-blues, while this show has punctuated its daily rhythm for more than six months: "I will resume my normal life and people may be happy not to see my head anymore, but I do not see the hour. Former social management controller, Marie-Christine stopped working shortly before participating in the show, a timing coincidence that allows her to take advantage of her earnings and the many trips she has won and which stops between the shooting sessions.

Christian Quesada had left with 810,000 euros in his pocket. The public service requires, Marie-Christine, has so far raised "only" 192 700 euros. "I do not watch The twelve noon hits so no regrets. I started working at home and I'm going to save for my children's studies, "she smiles at the square, unless Marie-Christine continues her journey and ends up blowing up the bank.

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