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There are reports of the work of the commission for pedophilia in Polish Ko¶ciele Catholic, meanwhile an independent commission from France has just presented a report on the situation among native clergy. According to a document quoted by the AFP agency, about three thousand pedophiles have been detected in the French Catholic Church since 1950. The report is to be published on Tuesday, October 5, but some of its content has already been handed over by the head of the Committee on Sexual Abuse against Minors and Independent Persons in the Church, Jean-Marc Sauvé.

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France. About three thousand pedophiles were detected among the clergy

As Sauvé said, from 1950 the commission found French Catholic Church of pedophilic acts in several thousand clergy – specifically, it concerns from 2,900 to 3,200 priests and other representatives of the Church, and, as he emphasized, it’s just a “careful estimate”. The work on the report took the commission two and a half years, and was based on church, court and police documents, as well as testimonies from witnesses themselves.

The report in its final form is 2,500 pages long. The document highlights the “institutional and cultural” mechanisms that allowed it pedophile stay within the structures of the Church. The committee is also expected to present 45 recommendations.

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This independent commission includes, inter alia, specialists in security children from UNICEF and other non-governmental organizations, as well as a historian – specialist in relations between politics and religion, and two theologians. Jean-Marc Sauvé, who is at its head, is a lawyer who for 12 years was vice-president of the Council of State, i.e. the highest administrative court – and earlier, for 11 years, secretary general rz±du, that is, the highest-ranking non-political official in the council of ministers.

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