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More than 700 students arrested in France

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In France, the machines are burning again

The protests against the reform policy of Emmanuel Macron have again provoked revolts. Between the others, the students were in the streets of Nantes and in a suburb of Paris.

For days, students in France have demonstrated against educational reforms.

  • More than 700 students were subsequently arrested.
  • The demonstrations were interrupted in almost 280 schools, it is said that the operation.

PShopkeepers and shopkeepers in Paris are preparing for any unrest on the weekend. Although President Emmanuel Macron has suspended the fuel tax hike that triggered the protests three weeks ago, the renewed troubles feared for Saturday. Unions and police authorities held crisis meetings.

The 65,000 national security forces should make sure that they do not get further riots. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced this Thursday. At the same time it was open to new measures to alleviate workers with lower wages.

To protest against educational reform, students in France have blocked dozens of educational institutions for the fourth consecutive day. More than 700 students were subsequently arrested. The demonstrations interrupted operations in nearly 280 schools, 45 of which had been blocked, according to the Ministry of the Interior in Paris. Thousands of high school and middle school students took part in student protests against more stringent selection criteria for university entrance and feared cuts to teaching staff.

He feared violence in the protests, said National Student Union president Louis Boyard on Thursday in a conversation with the BFMTV station. At the same time he called to rest.

The Minister of Government and Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, did not seek dialogue with young people, he said. "And if Jean-Michel Blanquer takes this risk and does not give a strong answer, he will be dead here."

People are said to have tried to occupy the Sorbonne University

In Paris, the police arrested 146 people. They were mainly students who had protested near a Mantes-la-Jolie school near Paris, police said. The students had rebelled in the place.

There were also protests in the universities. As various media reported, the situation was sometimes tense. Some areas of the Paris Sorbonne University were closed on Thursday, as announced by the college. According to media reports, several people had previously tried to occupy parts of the university.

From mid-November, the yellow-west in France protests against the highest taxes – it was a violent uprising. The protest has now increased, including students. In addition, drivers in various parts of the country continued to block roads, demanding more tax cuts and government subsidies. A small police union has called for a strike on Saturday and farmers want to demonstrate in the next week.

French students protested in different places in the country …


… like here in Marseille, where they have unloaded a car on the roof


Among other things, there were protests in the north-western city of Nantes …


… and at the Sorbonne of the University of Paris


Last weekend, Paris experienced the worst clashes in recent decades. The rioters burned cars, devastated cafes, looted shops and sprayed anti-Macron graffiti on the walls in the capital's rich neighborhoods last weekend. It is expected that many shops and restaurants in the city center will be closed on Saturday for fear of Saturday's re-violence.

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The left opposition parties announced Monday that they will attempt a vote of no confidence against the government of President Emmanuel Macron. Opportunities will not be given to the project due to the absolute majority of the government. At the end of July, two separate distrust motions by left and right opposition parties had failed in parliament against Macron.

Socialist leader Olivier Faure said the three sides would also seek allies for the no-confidence motion in the ranks of the governing party La République en Marche (The Republic in Motion). Upon receipt, the National Assembly should vote on it within 48 hours.


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