France. Riots in Lyon. The third day of clashes between young people and the police

The head of the French Ministry of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, sent an additional two hundred policemen and gendarmes to Lyon, where riots were taking place on Saturday for the third consecutive evening. Young people set fire to cars there and attack security services.

21 people were detained on Saturday evening, and four on Friday.

Young people set fire to a dozen cars and garbage containers in the neighborhoods of La Duchere and the surrounding towns: Rillieux-la-Pape, Bron and Parilly, where a police car was attacked.

Police unions have published riot videos on the web showing a group of people attacking a police vehicle.

Riots broke out in the city on Thursday evening in the La Duchere district over a serious accident on a scooter the day before by a 13-year-old in the same district, where police officers who were chasing the teenager were accused of being involved.

According to the daily “Le Figaro”, in la Duchere even before Thursday around the local high school “there was a climate of violence – extortion of protection money, harassment and beating of students by gangs”.

“In the face of the unacceptable violence suffered by the Lyon region in recent hours, I decided to send a third mobile police unit. A total of 200 policemen and gendarmes came to Lyon as reinforcements,” Dramanin said on Twitter.

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