France sees the risk of stumbling in the conflict between Iran and the United States


PARIS (Reuters) – The breakup of Iran's hats on uranium enrichment after the United States abandoned the nuclear deal with Tehran for world powers was "a bad reaction to … (a) wrong decision ", raising fears of a stumble in war, Said the French Foreign Minister.

PHOTO PHOTO: French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian attends a working session during the G7 nations' foreign ministers meeting in Dinard, France, on 6 April 2019. REUTERS / Stephane Mahe / File Photo

Tensions increased as Washington blamed Iran for numerous attacks on oil tankers and Tehran shot down a US surveillance drone, prompting President Donald Trump to order air strikes that he called only minutes before impact.

Trump withdrew the United States last year from the 2015 agreement between Iran and the world powers to curb its nuclear program, much to the dismay of the co-signatories of France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China .

Since then, Washington has tightened sanctions to block Iranian oil exports and other benefits from the agreement. Tehran responded by enriching the uranium beyond the established limits and threatening to restart the deactivated centrifuges and increase the enrichment well above the level considered normal for electricity generation.

"The situation is serious. The increase in tensions could lead to accidents," French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told reporters about the risk of a wider war in the Middle East.

"The fact that Iran has decided to withdraw from some of its nuclear proliferation commitments is a further concern. It is a bad decision, a bad reaction to another bad decision, that of the withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement a year ago, "he said, arriving for the annual Paris military parade in Paris.

The European powers do not support the tightening of Trump's sanctions on Iran, with the aim of forcing him to negotiate more stringent nuclear limits and other security concessions, but have not been able to find a way to allow Iran to avoid them.

"Nobody wants a war. I've noticed that everyone says they don't want to go to the escalation summit. Neither the president (Iranian) Rouhani, nor President Trump or other Gulf leaders. But here there are worrying escalations" , said Le Drian.

"Iran gains nothing from withdrawing from its commitment (with the nuclear agreement). Even the United States does not earn anything if Iran gets nuclear weapons, so it is important that loosening measures are taken. to ease tensions ".

On Saturday in Baghdad, the head of foreign policy of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, supported the Iraqi proposal of a conference between Iran and its regional rivals, Gulf States allied with the United States as the l & # 39; Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Reporting by Bate Felix; Written by Mark Heinrich; Editing by Mark Potter

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