France Télévisions will deprive Netflix of its TV series


The great maneuvers continue in the French panorama of the video on demand subscription (SVOD). And the courage of war is the content. Netflix has failed to recruit more than 3.5 million subscribers in France, or half of the French market: its catalog of films and TV series, which everyone can enjoy according to their tastes, attracts spectators.

The Ten Percent Series.

A catalog fueled in part by the productions of France Télévisions, which is not the activity of the public service of TV. The group is preparing its new SVOD service, Salto, with the help of TF1 and M6. But why would the subscribers pay their money to Salto if the content of the French-French service is already available on Netflix?

To have more control over the programs financed by the group, France Televisions had to be in agreement with the producers; Until now, the latter had the freedom to sell their programs on an SVOD platform, France Télés can only use this content in linear (on conventional television) for 4 years and in a digital recovery for 7 days.

An example: the series Ten percent it was visible on Netflix very quickly after its release on France 2. But it is typically the kind of programs that France Televisions wants to keep warm for its SVOD service. The negotiations with the producers arrived quickly: on Friday, January 11, the group announced an agreement.

France Télévisions now has a period of 12-24 months to exploit over 66% financed fictions in SVOD, as well as documentaries over 55% financing. The programs can also be used retrospectively for 6-9 months depending on the subtitle provided by France Télés for the production of the work. The producers received various counterparties and financing commitments.

France Télévisions has put together the equivalent of the chronology of the media, but for TV series and documentaries. In order to watch a program already broadcast on one of the group's channels, you will need to go through one of its free or paid catch-up, VOD or SVOD services. Or wait months, if not years, to find them on Netflix and other SVOD platforms.

After all, it is a certain industrial and strategic logic. The battle for the content of all these companies is an international challenge: it is no coincidence that Disney and DC / Warner have launched their own online SVOD platforms, each with exclusive programs that Netflix can not offer. Not to mention, of course, Amazon and some Apple …



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