Paris, February 27, 2020. Penelope and Francois Fillon arrive at the judicial court of Paris, where they are tried for “misappropriation of public funds”. — STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

  • Francis and Penelope Fillon were tried in march for “misappropriation of public funds” and ” abuse of social goods “.
  • Penelope Fillon is suspected of having been employed in that fictitious co-worker at his side when he was deputy.
  • At the hearing, the prosecution had requested heavy sentences and fines against them.
  • But, while the decision had to be made on Monday, French prime minister François Fillon has requested that the discussion be re-opened after the statements of the former attorney financial pressures that it has sustained in this case.

At the time, they had nothing and wanted to ” add “. It was the 11th of march. On this day, as is customary,
French prime minister François Fillon and his wife,
Penelope, had had the last word. But,
at the end of three hectic weeks of their trial before the 32nd chamber of the judicial court of Paris, they had simply left the judges withdraw to deliberate. Appointment was taken for this Monday. But, finally, rather than show their judgment to 13: 30 as expected, the three magistrates could finally announce the reopening of the proceedings.

Because, since 11 march, Francis and Penelope Fillon have found something to ” add “. The former Prime minister and his wife have indeed claimed that their trial will resume to “discuss” the way in which the survey was conducted at the time of the facts.
The fault Éliane Houlette. Head parquet floor national financial today in retirement, it has revealed, on June 10, before a committee of the national Assembly, have pressured the attorney general precisely on this issue of jobs allegedly fictitious Penelope Fillon.

There is no objection to the debate resume

The declaration is serious. Enough for the camp Fillon plays the little music according to which their champion has been the target of a political plot to the instant stack, where he was the favorite to win the presidential election. By this output, under oath, Éliane Houlette wanted probably first settle accounts with his former superior –
“a true backcombing buns,” according to one end observer – but she even swayed a few information problems. In particular, on the manner in which the judge Serge Tournaire has been appointed to investigate the Fillon or on the transmission of a report of suspected ten pages which nobody knows even today where it has truly landed.

Since then, the relatives of the former Prime minister buckled to the torso. They recall that they have taken, at best, “zozos” or, at worst, for “complotistes” while their suspicions were legitimate. “The president of the Republic has just ordered an investigation of the superior Council of the judiciary to shed light on this matter, reminds one of them. The judges of the 32nd house would be well advised to await the results of the investigation before pronouncing judgement ! “

In fact, nothing precludes the deliberate planned for this Monday is postponed and that discussions in the background resume. “The court [les trois membres qui le composent] is independent. It is to him only to take the decision and announce it, ” said a justice source. But he probably already understood that a refusal to re-open the discussion might be seen as confirmation that there has been a problem during the investigation…

Penelope, “assistant” or “wife” ?

Attentive, François Fillon, however, had not intended to speak before knowing the decision of the judges, according to Antonin Lévy, his lawyer. There is no doubt that he will do it if they refuse him his extension. Tidy car the policy since the failure at the presidential election, he has made this trial a matter of ” honour “. Anyway, ” the election is lost, my way of thinking too… “, he let go of the bar during the trial before pounding that his wife had exercised the profession of a collaborator at his side and not employed dummy.

On this decisive point, the doubt is still allowed. The three weeks of the trial did not settle the question of whether Penelope was really a “assistant parliamentary” as the insured the defense or that his actions fall within ” the social role of the wife of any member, as the think the parquet national financier. It had required a heavy sentence of five years in prison with two years firm against François Fillon.

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