Francis to young people: participate in the Lisbon WYD full of hope

In a video message addressed to those who will take part in the event scheduled from 1 to 6 August, the Pope encourages us to look back to those days with hope, “because we grow a lot on a day like this”, and suggests, in order to prepare well, to speak with the elders, for they will offer wisdom

Tiziana Campisi – Vatican City

Three months before World Youth Day which will take place in Lisbon from 1 to 6 August, a video message from Francis arrives for the young people who will leave for Portugal. The video was recorded at Casa Santa Marta by Monsignor Américo Manuel Alves Aguiar, auxiliary bishop of Lisbon in the audience on April 27 last year.

Towards the horizon of WYD

The Pope sees young people projected towards this appointment, “always looking at that horizon, that hope”, imagining them grappling with the organization of the trip, intent on solving logistical issues and busy planning those days that will see them far from their daily commitments .

The Church has the strength of the young

“Participating in the Day is a beautiful thing”, says Francis, who invites the young people to prepare joyfully for the event. “Put hope there, put hope the Pope repeated – because we grow a lot on a day like this. We don’t realize it – he adds – but things remain inside, the values ​​we have found remain inside, the relationships we have had with other young people from other countries, the meetings, everything remains inside and, above all, seeing the strength of young people . The Church has the strength of the young. So go ahead.”

Ask your grandparents for advice

Finally, Francis gives a suggestion to prepare well for World Youth Day: “Look at the roots, try to meet the elderly”. And he exhorts those who have grandparents to talk to them, to ask for advice on how to live this appointment: “They will give you wisdom, and you always go forward”. So he concludes: “I’ll wait for you in Lisbon. Bye!”.

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