Francisco de Manuel grows among the figures in the closure of Colmenar

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Until Francis of Manuel he took the crutch in the sixth, the ovation of the afternoon had been taken seconds before by the banderillero Juan Carlos King, that he has made it a routine to nail two superb pairs and dismount daily in each square in which he acts. The great moment of the apiary, who put the square on its feet, woke up an audience infected by the rarefied atmosphere of the afternoon and who ended up giving themselves to another apiary -adoption-, From Manuel, that usually responds when surrounded by figures.

Of the three previous afternoons that he had shared a paseílo with king rock -its alternative, on October 12 in Sales and this year at the Fair of Castellon-, in all three he ended up on the shoulders with the Peruvian boss. And in this new appointment before the highest current authority in the ranks, with the nearby showcase of the Chairhe became huge again and completed a dedicated afternoon that ended, this time alone, through the front door before his countrymen.

As Alexander Talavante the previous day, Francis of Manuel he began his task kneeling at the Zacarias Moreno which closed the celebration and where the transmission and the importance of the charge of a bull that was not going forward was already appreciated. The first round round had binding, cleanliness and depth. And finally resounding oles sounded from the stands. A colada in the next one was about to cause a mishap, but the bullfighter did not wrinkle, who took the left and played it very cross before the temperamental onslaught of the bull. The task grew round again, more established everything, and the final manoletinas finished heating up the spirits. After the lunge at the top, the handkerchiefs came out forcefully and to Francis of Manuel the two most resounding ears of the Remedies Fair ended this Tuesday.

Already before, in the third, Manuel’s He had shown his intentions from the long change of knees in the tercio and the subsequent rhythmic sets, going through the tight gaoneras, until the slaughter of the precious specimen with which he began the task on foot together, gaining ground. There was stillness in the work of the young bullfighter, who courageously endured the demanding charge of the bull without caring about the gale that arose at that moment. The sword took the prize.

Until the aforementioned triumph of the sixth, and with a parenthesis in this third, the afternoon had passed marked by the annoying wind, the unequal game of the bulls and the hostilities of a minority against Jose Maria Manzanares y Andres Roca Rey.

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