Frank Borman, commander of the first Apollo mission to the Moon, dies at 95

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Former American astronaut Frank Bormanwho made history by commanding the first manned flight around the Moon and later led Eastern Airlines as president amidst severe economic turmoil, He has died at the age of 95as reported this Thursday by NASA.

Borman, who spent a total of nearly 20 days in space on two trips in the 1960s, died Tuesday in Billings, Montana.

Born in Gary, Indiana, on March 14, 1928, he was oldest living American astronaut; a witness that now passes Jim Lovell, who is also 95 years old but 11 days younger.

Borman grew up fascinated by airplanes and while a schoolboy in Arizona took flying lessons that he paid for by delivering newspapers.

Became fighter pilot of the Air Force after graduating from the US Military Academy in 1950. Like most of his fellow astronaut generation, He trained as a test pilot before being selected for NASA’s second astronaut program in 1962. That experience was key, he said in his autobiography.

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