Frankfurt: S-Bahn surfer crashes hard


A 22-year-old man caught fire on S-Bahn surfing because he came too close to the catenary (symbol image).
Picture: dpa

A 22 year old man climbs on the roof of a suburban train, surfs and surfs and catches fire because he was too close to the overhead line. Therefore, on Sunday morning there were delays in rail traffic in Frankfurt.

UShortly after half past six in the morning, an emergency call was received on Sunday that a young man had an accident at the Frankfurt S-Bahn station Taunusanlage and had received an electric shock from the overhead contact line, a spokesman for the Frankfurt fire department told F.A.Z. With. After a few minutes, the emergency services of the police, ambulance and ambulance were on site.

According to a report by the Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), the 22-year-old man suffered third-degree burns as well as various fractures from the electric shock caused by the catenary. He is said to have climbed the main station on the roof of the S9 and caught fire shortly before the station Taunusanlage by two electric shocks. The HR reports that the man stood burning on the roof of the suburban train as the train entered the station. The accident caused delays in S-Bahn traffic.

Adrenaline Kick Train Riding

So-called S-Bahn surfing, also known as train-riding, attempts to cling to or on a moving train. Often people climb out of the window while driving or jump on the train when leaving the station. Dangerous here is not only the falling of the train, but also the wind and air vortex, which arise during the journey. Life-threatening can also be the electrical overhead lines. At high voltages, explains the spokesman for the Frankfurt police, it is enough to be in the vicinity of the cable to get an electric shock.

The “surfing” on trains or S-Bahn is prohibited in Germany. In the rules there is a report in accordance with § 315 of the Criminal Code because of dangerous interference in the rail traffic. After that, the offense will be punished with imprisonment of six months to a maximum of ten years. However, it is also possible that the S-Bahn surfer has committed only an administrative offense and has to pay a fine.

Fire (t) Police (t) Hessischer Rundfunk (t) F.A.Z. (t) Surfing (t) Oberleitung (t) Accident


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