Fratelli Bianchi, the 9 complaints against Gabriele and Marco and the other trials for fights, assaults and drugs –

from Ilaria Sacchettoni and Aldo Simoni

Marco and Gabriele Bianchi, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Willy Monteiro Duarte and now imprisoned in Viterbo and Roma Rebibbia, will have to face other debates

Someone testified during the trial for the murder of Willy Monteiro Duarte. Others (many) have preferred silence. Before the events in Colleferro, which took place on 6 September 2020, the Bianchi brothers (Marco and Gabriele) already had nine complaints collected in 24 months on their shoulders. The reason? Always the same: fights, threats, beatings, including that of a rugby player. Willy’s death can be defined as accidental only because of the identity of the victim. He was certain that sooner or later a similar episode would happen, given the conduct of Marco and Gabriele Whites. Indeed, it is a case that the friend who tried to help him is not also dead, the prosecutor Francesco Brando said on 12 May last during his indictment for the death of the Cape Verdean cook.

The drug trials

The fame of the Bianchi brothers was consolidated

so. There is, to begin with, the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Rome to 4 years and 6 months for a case of drugs and extortion. The investigations of the carabinieri of Velletri documented the beating of a boy from Lariano and his father for a small drug debt with Artena’s brothers. Not only. Marco accused of having massacred a 25-year-old boy from Lanuvio with a brass knuckle who, after the attack, ended up in hospital. The doctors prescribed him 30 days of treatment. It was January 14, 2018.

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Attacks on foreigners

In this trial Marco Bianchi (with his brother Fabio) also accused of one brawl broke out near a pub a stone’s throw from the Velletri carabinieri barracks. A twenty year old from Velletrano and a 22 year old of Moroccan origin paid the consequences. Another episode: on May 1, 2018, another violent event occurs. Marco Bianchi accused of an assault on a young man from Gambia, 22, who, shortly before, also in Velletri, had been beaten for an appreciation addressed to a local girl. The third procedure similar to the previous ones: the Bianchi brothers are called into question for attacking a 41-year-old Indian, domiciled in Velletri. It was April 13, 2019 when the man, a non-EU citizen, was hit by punches and kicks that resulted in a broken nose and an injury to an eye. For him, too, the prognosis was 30 days. There is also talk of Marco and Gabriele Bianchi about a fight between Italians and young people from the East in front of a disco on the Appia Sud, also in Velletri. First they flee, then they are tracked down by the carabinieri: but the report, this time, does not go off. Fear?

Administrative violations

There is no shortage of administrative violations

: Marco (who was called Maldito in the ring) knows something about it, caught walking around the street in full lockdown without a plausible reason. He is certainly not going to work, unemployed, despite showing off large-powered watches and motorbikes on Facebook. Maldito and his brother end up in the crosshairs of the Guardia di Finanza which investigates those who receive citizenship income without being entitled to it and end up denouncing the Bianchi family. And then there is Mario Pincarelli (21 years for the fatal attack on Willy): a year before the murder he had hit, in Artena, a policeman who had reminded him of the obligatory use of the mask. From raids to the court. From the ring to the cell: two years always lived over the top. The sentence to life imprisonment is expressed Salvatore Ladaga, father of Silvia, Gabriele’s partner (the two have a child, Aureliano). Before judging, let’s wait for the reasons. Gabriele has always repeated that he has not kicked Willy at all, of not having touched it, not his death blow. Let’s say instead that they were condemned under the effect of a national media bombing. The judges had an incredible pressure on their shoulders, after the state, in its highest authority, had already expressed itself, complete with a gold medal for Willy. In prison Gabriele studies for a diploma and learns to play the guitar.

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