Fred Savage fired from his “Wonderful Years” job. The reason is to be inappropriate behavior

Many employees have complained about Savage’s behavior while working on “Wonderful years”, a reboot of the hugely popular 1980s and 1990s series of the same name, in which Savage played the main character, Kevin Arnold. No details have been released yet, but a spokesman for Disney’s 20th Television said the charges had been brought and Savage had been released.

The official statement reads: “We have recently been informed of allegations of inappropriate behavior Freda Savage’a and, in line with company policy, an investigation was initiated. After its completion, a decision was made to terminate his employment contract as executive producer and director of “Wonderful Years” “.

Fred Savage started out as a child actor. In the 80s and 90s he played in the series “Cudowne lat” – Paul Natkin / Getty Images / Getty Images

This is not the first time Savage has faced allegations about his behavior. In 1993, costume designer for “Wonderful Years” Monique Long sued the actor for sexual harassment. People reported that, according to Long Savage, he had repeatedly told her, “Oh, Monique, I’m so in love with you. Have an affair with me.” She also said he used to go on dates and tried to hold her hand.

Also in 2018, 20th Television (then called 20th Century Fox Television) investigated Savage’s behavior on the set of the TV series “Prawomocny”. Wardrobe team member Younjoo Hwang accused the actor of introducing an “extremely hostile working environment” as well as “aggressive behavior, intimidation and constant use of profanity directed at female employees.” According to Hwang Savage, it “got out of hand”. In that case, the studio said it “found no evidence of a misdemeanor”.

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Another opinion about Savage is Alley Mills, who performed at his side. Mills defended the actor in 2018 and called the lawsuit “utterly ridiculous.” She told Yahoo Entertainment that the actor was “the most wonderful and sweetest human being to ever walk the earth.”

Savage himself also denied the accusations at the time. The recent allegations and dismissal has not yet commented.



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