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The new government coalition agreement in effect since Wednesday states that "free public transport will be introduced on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg during the first quarter of 2020". This concerns trains, buses and the tram that circulates in the capital.

In 2016, over 100 million passengers used public transport in the Grand Duchy. According to the Ministry of Transport, the cost of public transport is 491 million euros in Luxembourg and ticket sales and subscriptions amount to 40 million euros in the year.

17% of public transport travel

But these sales also generate jobs and the government project is already causing concern as the wickets are called to close. "Until it is clarified, we can not accept it," said Georges Merenz, president of the FNCTTEL-Landesverband, the main transport union in the Grand Duchy.

He also stressed that the measure would not benefit the inhabitants of rural areas and questioned its application to cross-border workers using public transport. A meeting is scheduled on Monday between the union and François Bausch (Déi Gréng), Minister of Mobility and Public Works. In Luxembourg, 17% of trips are made by public transport, a share similar to the European average, according to Eurostat.

(Very / AFP)

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