Free documentary about “Far Cry 6”

The documentation “Revolución: A Far Cry Story” is now available via gTV (on YouTube). It was created by Ubisoft Toronto and is intended to bring together the personal stories of the development team. The actor Giancarlo Esposito, who breathes life into the unscrupulous dictator Antón Castillo in “Far Cry 6”, is also part of the party.

If you feel like “Far Cry 6”, you can play the game (here my test) currently also get a discount in various offers. Ubisoft itself also grants there in his store with the code “BF 20” 20% additional discount. However, it is also worthwhile to go through the usual price comparisons and dealers.

The first DLC for the game, which revolves around the villain from “Far Cry 3”, Vaas, has also already been released.

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