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“Free ESC” sensation! Secrets about the German “legend” and “astronauts” revealed

The “Eurovision Song Contest” 2020 was canceled because of Corona. ProSieben and Stefan Raab organized a replacement show with the “Free ESC”. A legend started for Germany.

  • The Eurovision Song Contest was canceled because of the corona crisis or postponed by a year.
  • Organized as a replacement ProSieben the “Free European Song Contest”. The idea came from show legend Stefan Raab.
  • Nico Santos got the first win for Spain.

Update from May 18, 2020: So now it is out: For a long time it was speculated which “legend” actually contributed to Germany Stefan Raabs “Free Eurovision Song Contest” should start, now finally the big secret has been revealed (see below). But the German ESC candidate shouldn’t be the only mystery that puzzled viewers in the ProSieben version of the traditional European music competition.

So another participant actually appeared completely disguised, without revealing his identity. The mysterious unknown was the Astronauts, as he did in the usual manner at the “The Masked Singer” stage had stood and in the end even won the music show of a different kind.

As in the past, it was hidden again this year Max Mutzke under the space traveler costume. Although he hadn’t taken off his helmet during the “Free-ESC”, he had diligently promoted the man from the moon on his official Instagram account and ultimately thanked the audience for the many votes that voted for him. They did that last Saturday, knowing or not, for whom they were actually calling, because Max alias the astronaut got 12 points from Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone.

“Free ESC” sensation! This legend came up for Germany – winner selected

Update from May 17, 2020: Not all viewers are excited about that Helge Schneider at the “Free ESC” was on stage for Germany. And that is less due to Helge Schneider himself than to the high hopes that many people have for a return from TV veteran Stefan Raab have made. Disappointment spreads on Twitter. Many see each other from ProSieben rocked. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz received mockery for their appearance at the announcement of the ESC points from Germany.

Free ESC: Sensation! This legend came up for Germany – winner chosen

00.01 a.m .: 8 points for Spain. So that is Nico Santos the first winner of the “Free ESC”. He is now singing his winning song again.

11:58 p.m .: For Germany misread Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz the points. Can Germany hold second place?

11:57 p.m .: Spain leads in front of Netherlands and Germany. Now comes the last switch.

11:54 p.m .: As the penultimate country, the Switzerland the points. Beatrice Egli may read the points aloud. 10 points for Germany. 12 points go to the moon. Max Mutzke is really catching up again.

11:52 p.m .: Austria next give the points. Germany gets 8 points. 12 points go to the moon.

“Free ESC”: The Netherlands is catching up

11.49 p.m .: Also for Denmark Candidate Kate Hall’s family awards the points. Too bad only 1 point for Germany. 12 points for the Netherlands that overtake and lead Spain. Germany is currently in fourth place.

11.45 p.m .: The points for Kazakhstan awards Mike Singers Father. Only 3 points for Germany. Bulgaria gets 12 points.

11:34 p.m .: Hakan Çalhanoğlu awards the points for the from Milan Turkey. 12 points for Germany. Doesn’t look that bad.

11:32 pm: Next forgive Israel the points. 12 points to the Netherlands. Germany gets nothing. This puts the Netherlands ahead of Spain in second place.

11:29 pm: Nico Santos sister from Mallorca awards the points for Spain. Germany gets 7 points. The 12 points go to the Netherlands.

11:26 pm: Bulgaria is next. Germany goes empty again as. That gets 12 points Vanessa Mai and Croatia. Spain leads on Israel and the moon.

“Free ESC”: Nico Santos and Spain lead

11:23 pm: Ex-spice girl Mel C awards the points for UK. Germany only gets 3 points. The 12 come on Spain. Nico Santos extends its lead.

11:21 pm: Angelo Kelly may award the points for Ireland. 12 points for Germany. Nico Santos and Spain continue to lead.

11.20 p.m .: Michelle Hunziker from Italy gives 12 points for Bulgaria. Germany goes empty.

11:19 p.m .: Interim result: Spain leads with 34 before Ireland with 22 points

11:15 p.m .: Bully Herbig awards the points for the moon as Spucki. 12 points go to Germany. After all, we like us on the moon.

11:13 p.m .: Vanessa Mais father announces the points for Croatia. 1 point for Germany. Bitter! 12 points for the moon.

11:11 p.m .: Duncan Laurence The Acting ESC winner the points will be awarded from Holland. Only 4 points for Germany. 12 points for Spain.

23.07 p.m .: Points are now awarded. Lukas Podolski will announce the points for Poland. Only 4 points for Germany. 10 points for Spain and 12 points go to Turkey. Turkey is leading.

“Free ESC”: Points are awarded

10:54 p.m .: Now kick it too Teddy Teclebrhan open with “Germany is stable”. The mood is getting better and better. If he had been in competition, he would have had chances of winning.

10:52 p.m .: The time is over. From now on you can no longer vote.

10:38 p.m .: So that the time flies faster until the result is finally determined Conchita Wurst again.

10:27 p.m .: On Twitter, the disappointment is great that it is not Stefan Raab was. But it is still possible that he can still be seen.

10:18 p.m .: That’s it. All artists did their best. Now we have to wait for the result.

“Free ESC”: sensation! Helge Schneider is the German candidate

10:12 p.m .: It is Helge Schneider!!!! He starts with a specially rewritten Corona song. But was that it? The background remains black, is there anyone hiding?

10:11 p.m .: Germany is now the last country. Who is the candidate

“Free ESC”: Germany next – is Stefan Raab coming?

10.05 p.m .: The penultimate act of the evening is Gil Ofarim. He represents Israel with the song “Alles auf Hope”.

9:58 pm: Now kick Max Mutzke in his “Masked Singer” costume as astronaut for the moon on. However, it should not be part of the competition. Or maybe yes?

9:53 pm: It continues with the Switzerland and Stefanie Heinzmann, another discovery by Raab. She performs her new song “All We Need Is Love”.

9.42 p.m .: Uhh. Almost would be Lombardi fallen on their dance partner. That could have ended painfully.

9:37 pm: Sarah Lombardi stands for Italy on stage. For all who wonder why? Not only her ex Pietro had Italian ancestors, but she too. Her song “Te Amo Mi Amor” is mostly in Spanish and German. The confusion is complete.

9:32 pm: Superstar Nico Santos represents Spain. The singer, who grew up in Mallorca, sings his new hit “Like I Love You”.

“Free ESC”: ProSieben will soon give gas to candidates

9:31 pm: Only four more appearances until Germany’s turn. The voltage increases. Will we actually see Stefan Raab on stage?

9:26 pm: The next artist Kate Hall is probably one of the least known today. The Danish performs her song “Reset”.

9:24 pm: So far the weakest performance tonight. Will the young viewers still call for him anyway?

9:21 pm: Now there is a crush of teenagers Mike Singer in the starting blocks. Who would have known? The young singer comes out Kazakhstan. Hopefully he sings better than Borat today.

9:16 pm: Kelvin Jones for the United Kingdom is one of the secret favorites. Can he live up to expectations? His song “Friends” meets the taste of the times. Whether that speaks for quality or not is up to you.

“Free ESC”: The German appearance is getting closer – Is Stefan Raab the candidate?

9.10 p.m .: The duo Glass bead game represents our neighboring country Poland. The Baden-Württemberg already entered Raabs Show the “Bundesvison song contest”. But their electro-pop song “Always there” doesn’t really create a mood.

9.03pm: For Austria occurs Josh. on. Never heard? Most of them should know his most famous song “Cordula Grün”. Today he sings “where are you”.

9:00 p.m .: Next comes Oonagh For Bulgaria on the stage. She sings “you are enough”. Whether the somewhat more honest appearance has chances of winning?

8.48 p.m .: ProSieben pulls right today. Four acts are already through. “The Masked Singer” was used to something completely different.

8.42 p.m .: The popular pop singer Vanessa Mai now stands for Croatia on. The song and she lack a bit of power. Disappointing.

“Free ESC”: Good musical level at the beginning – who will win?

8:36 pm: Still relatively unknown in Germany, in his home country Ireland but one of the greatest talents. Sion Hill represents the island nation with the song “Speak Up”.

8:32 pm: The two Turks are really on the gas. If there were an audience in the hall, the mood would certainly boil. Maybe the fans will celebrate all the more at home …

8.30 p.m .: The show is full of people Raab. The former spokesman for all of his shows is still at the start today. The players who introduce the countries are also funny.

8:29 pm: Eko Fresh and Umut Timur represent the Turkey with the song “Günaydin”. A mix of rap song and ballad.

8:26 pm: The Dutchwoman performs her song “Changes”. How many points will this appearance bring you? The song is probably a little too sluggish for victory.

8:23 pm: The first step is the Netherlands With Ilse DeLange at. The real one ESC took part in 2014.

“Free ESC”: Stefan Raab right from the start with a strange video appearance – now in the live ticker

8.20 p.m .: Stefan Raab is there. The entertainer can be seen in an imitation of the first German winner Nicole and her song “A little peace”. At least in one player.

8:18 pm: The corona regulations are also observed. Steven Gätjen comes on stage with a glass wall.

8.15 p.m .: Presenter Conchita Wurst opens the evening together with the Heavytones, the studio band by Stefan Raab, with a Meadly from ESC winning songs.

8 p.m .: The starts in 15 minutes “Free ESC”. Becomes Stefan Raab make his comeback? We are excited.

7.30 p.m .: ProSieben has theGerman participants still not announced. That won’t happen before the show either. So you can stay excited. The “Free ESC” finally starts in 45 minutes.

“Free ESC”: Information on Raab’s comeback is increasing – TV hit on ProSieben in the live ticker

5.44 p.m .: It still stands German candidate for the “Free ESC” not fixed. Many hope for one comeback from Stefan Raab and in fact there are some indications. Its legendary ESC appearance With“Wadde hadde dudde there?“Has been exactly 20 years ago. In addition, Raab said in an interview: “Just so much: For Germany there is a real legend, which outshines all previous German participants in European music competitions artistically and character-wise. He also looks incredibly good. Let yourself be surprised …”

And the entertainer gave another clue that suggests the German candidate: “Moderator Conchita Wurst and two other artists have successfully completed on ESC took part”. This certainly includes Ilse DeLange’s Dutch contribution, which took part in 2014. The second would have to be the still unknown German artist. So it would be possible among other things Stefan Raab, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Guildo Horn, Michael Schulte or Roman Lob.

“Free ESC”: Candidates make fun of Raab before the show – TV hit on ProSieben in the live ticker

Update from May 16, 2020, 4:58 p.m .: Stefan Raab has the ESC shaped like no other in Germany. He was involved in a German contribution to the competition a total of six times. And every time there was a place in the top 10. Along with Lena Meyer-Landrut they even won.

The entertainer was also for some of the funniest and quirkiest ESC moments responsible. On the Facebook page of his show TV total, which remained active even after the end of 2015, you can see the funniest moments again. Several Free ESC candidates comment on these moments in a video. Stefanie Heinzmann, Gil Ofarim and “Free ESC” moderator Steven Gätjen laugh at each other Raabs strange post “Wadde hadde dudde there?” limp. In 2000, Raab took 5th place. Heinzmann remembers: “That was also very well received by eleven-year-olds.”

The former TV total host was also involved in another funny contribution. He composed the song “Guildo loves you!” For Guildo Horn, Eurovision Song Contest 1998 came seventh. But even without Cologne, there were always bizarre moments.

The Finnish winners of 2006 will be remembered in particular Heavy metal band Lordi thrilled all of Europe with their creepy costumes. Gil Ofarimwho at the “Free ESC” back then for Israel was thrilled by the Finns. Will he be able to convince tonight and win?

“Free ESC”: Stefan Raab before comeback? TV hit on ProSieben in the live ticker

First report from May 13, 2020:

Cologne – The “Eurovision Song Contest “ has been one of the most popular TV shows for decades. Everywhere in Europe, millions of people are sitting in front of the screen. In Germany alone, over 8 million people watched last year. But because of the Corona crisis had to “ESC 2020” be canceled. According to the organizer, the show can “European Broadcasting Union”, do not go as planned.

“Free ESC” 2020: Stefan Raab and ProSieben save the “Eurovision Song Contest” evening

A year without ESC, many could not imagine that and luckily they will not have to do without it in 2020 either. The transmitter ProSieben has along with TV legend and ESC veteran Stefan Raab launched the replacement show “Free European Song Contest”. Saturday the May 16, 2020, the spectacle takes place at 8:15 p.m. We have summarized for you where you can follow the Free ESC live.

Conchita Wurst and Moderator Steven Gätjen will lead through the evening. “Conchita and Steven are the perfect choice for a big, musical evening. Conchita impressed millions of people with its ESC appearance and won the contest, ”explained ProSieben boss Daniel Rosemann. “Nobody stands better for this European, musical idea.”

“Free ESC” 2020: Is Stefan Raab making a comeback at the ESC replacement show?

In the new competition, prominent musicians are supposed to race for their country of origin live on the “largest international stage of the evening”. The spectators award the points and thus determine the winner.

The show is produced by Stefan Raab. It is not clear whether the entertainer will be seen in front of the camera for the first time after his TV-out in 2015. Already with the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer” it was speculated whether he was under the mask of the sloth. In the end it was Tom Beck.

“Free ESC” 2020: ARD shows competitor programs

The “Free ESC” but does not run unrivaled. In the first, where the Eurovision Song Contest A replacement show would also have run. It is called “European Shine a Light”. “The live show from Hilversum in the Netherlands honors all those who would have performed at the ESC in Rotterdam this year,” said a spokesman for the NDR from the broadcasting network ARD. Both points and winners fail at this show. All information in our live ticker.

Before that, however, runs “Eurovision Song Contest 2020 – the German Finale” between 8:15 p.m. and 9:55 p.m. At this show, which is moderated by Barbara Schöneberger, representatives from ten countries compete against each other. These were in the broadcast “World Wide Living Room – The ESC Semifinals 2020” from all originally participating 41 countries determined. The “German Finale” of the ESC can also be seen live on TV. Nico Santos is said to be “freshly in love”. Who was the pretty woman who accompanied him to the “Free ESC”?


List of rubric lists: © picture alliance / dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd


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