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Epic Games It maintains the strategy that has brought it new audiences in recent years. Through its virtual PC store, the company gives away games to the entire community every week.

In this way, it seeks to compete against giants in the field such as Steam or G2A. Well, until May 26 you can acquire the following title, one of the best rated by critics after its launch.

Borderlands 3: “The father of shooter-looters returns with thousands of weapons and a new chaotic adventure! Battle your way through new worlds and enemies with one of four new Vault Hunters, Borderlands’ toughest treasure hunters, each with their own rich skill tree and customization options.

Play solo or with friends to take down insane enemies, collect loads of loot, and save your home from the cruelest cult in the galaxy.

From May 26, the company will enable a surprise game. Normally, this type of action is done during the holiday season or when it is a big triple-A game.

Recall that in the past Epic Games gave away Grand Theft Auto V under this modality. We will have to wait for the announcement of the developer company. You can check the countdown on the PC platform.

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