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it does not fail its community. Since the launch of his platform on PC, he looked for a strategy to attract more players: Every week, even in the rotation, some triple A’s have been seen.

In the different rotations we have had important titles like Grand Theft Auto V or Football Manager. On September 2, the rotation for the last week of August will close; deadline to download the following games.

Saints Row: The Third Remastered: “enjoy the complete package, remastered. The sex, drug and gun excesses of Steelport, the original city of sin, have never looked so good. Control the Third Street Saints at their peak power. This is your city. These are your rules”.

Automachef: “A resource management and puzzle game where you design kitchens, program machines, and watch your genius come to life. Design tomorrow’s kitchen today!

From September 2 to September 9, the download of Yoku’s Island Express will be enabled. It is a platform game that combines some pinball mechanics.

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