Technology Free games: Google Play offers these titles for music...

Free games: Google Play offers these titles for music lovers Videogames

Updated on 05/12/2020 at 01:06

Bored at home? The free games They are a solution for those who no longer know what to do in their spare time. Google Play has thousands of apps in its repertoire, so we took some dedicated to music to distract you during quarantine.

The first thing we recommend is Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! The game consists of controlling a ball that must collide with others on a galactic track. The songs of the free game they are original.

Have you heard about EDM Tiles? With the free game Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!You can play various types of music, from beautiful piano music, guitar songs, to rock and EDM jewelry.

A free game perfect for coordination and rhythm. In Dancing Ballz: Magic Dance Line Tiles Game, the user must press the screen each time it is necessary to advance in the level.

Last we have Just dance. The application promises to do the dances and record points without the need for the console. Dance to your favorite hits, chosen from over 500 available songs.

FREE GAMES | Twitch Prime

Amazon Prime has a promotion for PC gamers. About eight free games are available for one month on the platform Twitch Prime, which is part of the subscription package of Amazon Prime. Find out what’s new in the catalog for these quarantine days.

Keep in mind that Twitch Prime -and its free game offers- is included with Amazon Prime and Prime Video. Of the eight free games For May, six are available until the end of May, while two will disappear in a few weeks.

The free games of Twitch Prime are the following: Yono and the Celestial Elephants, Urban Trial Playground, The Little Acre, Old School Musical, Avicii Invector, Pankapu, Fractured Minds and Snake Pass.



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