• Salud Edomex brings this medical service to indigenous communities to benefit women in this sector.
• Sanitize Mobile Units between each patient and ask to go with face masks and establish a healthy distance strategy.

Toluca, State of Mexico, November 21, 2020. With the aim of benefiting a greater number of women, the Ministry of Health of the State of Mexico extended until next December the performance of mammograms through Mobile Units, for which it made a call to the female population older than 40 years to this study.

This important task will be carried out through the Health Institute of the State of Mexico (ISEM) and in coordination with the 19 Health Jurisdictions, in order to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer in time, which is among the first causes of death among this sector of society.

The agency, in charge of Dr. Gabriel OShea Cuevas, indicated that the study is totally free and for these actions an investment of about 75 million pesos was applied and indicated that to consult the schedule of the Mobile Units, the website

Similarly, he announced that together with the State Council for the Integral Development of Indigenous Peoples of the State of Mexico (CEDIPIEM), visits were scheduled to 11 municipalities, with which it seeks to bring the mammography service to women of the ethnic groups originating from the entity.

He specified that as part of the preventive measures for the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect the health of the attendees, the units are sanitized between each patient, in addition to establishing a healthy distance and asking to go with face masks.

It should be noted that there are 25 mobile mastgraphers who visit the communities of the entity daily and provide service from 9:00 to 16:00; Likewise, there are 23 permanent teams located in various hospitals, in addition to three Medical Specialty Unit in Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (UNEME-DEDICAM) located in Toluca, Huixquilucan and Cuautitlán.

Finally, and upon attending the instruction of Governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza to prioritize health care, the call was reiterated for women to carry out this study from the age of 40 and those who attend are reminded that they must be bathed, with the shaved armpits and without applying deodorant, perfume or cream.

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