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The University of Cádiz offers a free online course in Aesthetics and Art Theory. The course is presented as an introduction to the main artistic theories developed during the 18th century.

The proposal is mainly aimed at students, teachers and professionals of the fine arts, art history, philosophy, architecture and the humanities in general.

The course is based on a series of video presentations that summarize the ideas and contributions of the most relevant thinkers, illustrating them with a multitude of examples and references to artistic works from this historical period.

The theoretical contributions on art and beauty by Joseph Addison, Francis Hutcheson, Edmund Burke, David Hume, Alexander Baumgarten, Denis Diderot, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Immanuel Kant, JG von Herder and Friedrich Schiller will be analyzed with special attention.

For registration and more information consult the digital teaching platform miriadax.

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