Free Xbox Gold games for Xbox One and 360 October 2020

Microsoft just announced the collection of games to give away in October to all Xbox Gold subscribers. To obtain them, you will need to have an Xbox Live account and enter the profiles of each title to “buy” it at zero cost. Here we leave you the list with the free game titles, which together add up to a total of 71.46 euros.

We are going to start by telling you the two games that are coming to Xbox One. Then, we will tell you the game that both the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox have received, both compatible with the Xbox One, and that will also be compatible with the Xbox Series X and S. In all of them we will put you your prices from the official XBox store, which are not always the cheapest, as well as the dates on which you can acquire them.

Free games for Xbox One

  • From October 1 to 31: Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut, valued at € 16.99. A jigsaw puzzle game in which you control the psychopath Skullface, who, emulating American horror movies, must assassinate the members of a summer camp. You have the token in 3D Games.
  • From October 16 to November 15: Maid of Sker, valued at € 24.99. This game It is inspired by a true story from 1898, and is a first-person survival-horror in which you must enter a haunted house to discover the macabre history that is inside. A game with great atmosphere and 3D audio. You have the token in 3D Games.

Free games for Xbox 360 and Xbox

And now we continue with the next two titles, which are the ones that will arrive for free on Xbox 360 during the next month if you are an Xbox Live subscriber. All of them are backwards compatible, which means that even if they are for Xbox 360 they can also be used on the Xbox One and in the future Series X.

  • From October 1 to 15: Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, valued at 14.99 euros. An original Xbox game that is a first-person action-adventure title. You have to explore ancient Egypt defeating enemies and solving puzzles in their dungeons, and looking for the power that allows you to defeat the god Set. You have the token in 3D Games.
  • From October 16 to 31: Quest costume, valued at € 14.49. It is a Japanese-style RPG, although somewhat more accessible and simplified. It’s Halloween night, and you have to face the monsters in your neighborhood by overcoming missions to get new magical costumes with super powers and other weapons and special items. You have the analysis in VidaExtra, and the tab in 3D Games.

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