FreeBSD 11.3: improvements for Jails and ZFS


The FreeBSD development team released version 11.3 as planned. The release mainly includes bug fixes and minor enhancements to the "old (production)" branch of the free 4.4BSD-based Unix based derivative.

The Clang / LLVM environment along with libc ++ has been updated to version 8.0.0, the ELF toolchain to version r3614. The KDE plasma is now in version 5.15.3, GNOME as 3.28. FreeBSD 11.3 can start a binary different from init (8) as PID1 with the new "init_exec" start option. However, alternative init systems have little meaning in FreeBSD, developers and users prefer functional rc scripts.

In the kernel logs it now appears when you finish the processes inside the jails, the FreeBSD alternative to the containers and their ID. Programs like cpuset (1), sockstat (1), ipfw (8) or ugidfw (8) support their plaintext names as parameters in addition to prison IDs. The improvements made by FreeBSD 12 prevent the random number generator (4) from using too much CPU time during the seeding phase of the intensive computing process.

For Maker projects, it is interesting that users can now communicate with user rights via spi (8) with devices on the SPI bus (Serial Peripheral Interface). All platforms supported by FreeBSD (amd64, i386, powerpc, powerpc64, sparc64, armv6 and aarch64) can be started from gelled-encrypted partitions (8). Furthermore, Trim (8) trim TRIM (8) is also fully operational for flash memory (wear-leveling) and has been reinserted into the system.

ZFS data sets no longer depend on FreeBSD sequentially, but in parallel, which should speed up system startup. Incorrect for the new version is an important note to find: ZFS in FreeBSD 11.3 received the new com.delphix function: spacemap_v2, which does not yet exist in FreeBSD 12. ZFS pools created with FreeBSD 11.3 will not work after upgrading to version 12. FreeBSD 12 was released in December 2018, the next planned version 12.1 is scheduled for release in November 2019 and can handle the new functionality.

FreeBSD 11.3 is available on the project page as free software for free download ready. Most popular cloud providers like Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine or FreeBSD Mall have already updated their images.


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