Freedoms. “You have to demonstrate, even if you're scared”


Without search or police escort, associations and unions marched, Saturday, in Paris, smoothly, to defend the right to protest. “There are no police officers in front of, behind or on the sidewalks and, look, everything is going well”, remarked without mischief a Yellow Vest supporting a long yellow banner “The repression on the march, supporting the wounded and incarcerated. Against the law against anti-rioters, just promulgated, 50 organizations called to go down on the street this April 13 throughout France to assert “an essential right in a democracy: to publicly demonstrate, collectively and peacefully his opinion.”

“Genevieve is with us”

Under a traditional calico displaying “Genevieve is with us”, in tribute to the activist septuagenarian injured by police officers in Nice on March 23, Hubert Labrousse, also a militant Attac, particularly wanted to walk this day: “All my life I manifested; at over 70, I still manifest today, like others. We are here to tell Emmanuel Macron, who believes that at our age we should be “wise” and stay in slippers at home. If the demonstration had been banned as in Lyon, I would still have demonstrated to defend this right, with a hat or a clown mask … “Like him, many citizens are worried about a law that now recognizes as a crime covering part of her face in a parade.

Do not give in to repression

Behind the organizations (LDH, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, CNL …) and some unions signatories of a common call, a larger inter-union of Ile-de-France (CGT, FO, FSU, Solidarity, Unef, UNL) came to swell the ranks against “the prohibition of protest routes, the use of the army to reinforce the companies of CRS, the anti-union repression which is amplified in a series of sectors”, while recalling more widely its social demands, as a warm up lap before May 1st. But the violation of a fundamental and constitutional right was, this Saturday, its priority. “We must exercise this right to protest even if we are forced, even if we are afraid, and not give in to a law and a repression that want to dissuade to participate in the social movement,” said Benoît Martin, CGT Paris, wearing a yellow vest and, around his neck, a picture of Zineb Redouane, victim in December of a tear gas grenade launched by police officers in Marseille as she closed the shutters of her apartment.


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