Fresenius: Dividend aristocrat with pretty daughters!

Symbol: FRE ISIN: DE0005785604

Trend analysis based on 6 months: The share of the Bad Homburg healthcare group is up around 11 percent in the first half of the year. With the pullback to the 50 EMA, we see a good opportunity to enter the long direction when prices rise again.

Chart from 01/30/2023 – basis daily, 6 months – price: 26.79 EUR

Fresenius (FRE)

My expert opinion on EUR

Opinion: Fresenius is Germany’s only Dividend Aristocrat, but it’s picking up steam in terms of earnings growth. Shareholder demands for the sale of the lucrative subsidiary have long been rejected. With the change in management and the entry of the financial investor Eliott, things are moving. On the other hand, the group has made acquisitions worth 700 million euros, which should enable a realignment. Overall, the security is attractive due to its favorable valuation with a P/E 2022e of 9.55 and the lucrative 2022e dividend yield of 3.08 percent. The moderate payout ratio should again be 20 to 25 percent of the profits, so that the company’s substance is not attacked.


Possible setup: We set the trigger above the last two, the stop loss below the last three daily candles. As a price target, we are aiming for the pivot high of January 6th. We expect the next quarterly figures on February 22nd, so we could let the trade run for a couple of weeks. Every trading day there are cool setups in the Alphatrader chat from


Author: Thomas Canali holds positions in FRE.

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Release date: 01/30/2022

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