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The center for disease control and prevention (CDC) predicts that over 50% of Hispanics will suffer from type 2 diabetes during their life cycle and notes that modest weight loss is useful for preventing or delaying the disease in 60 % of people at risk (prediabete).1

"There is a high percentage of obesity among Hispanics in the United States,2 which creates a high risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Access to free resources like this in Spanish and English is a great benefit for families and health professionals, "said Sylvia Meléndez-Klinger, dietician and spokesperson. Fresh Avocado – Taste one today. "A winning strategy in the fight against diabetes is to educate on what counts every bite. Fresh avocados are delicious, hearty and help keep us healthy. "

Dietary guidelines for Americans emphasize small changes in diet to achieve a general pattern of healthy eating, since changing eating habits can be difficult. The guide is easy to print, folded, practical and colored; It helps to remember that delicious options such as fresh avocados are good sources of fiber, increase the volume of the diet and help you feel faster. The avocado is healthy and versatile and has no cholesterol or sodium; It adapts well to a low-calorie diet if consumed instead of foods with other fats.

People at risk of diabetes and those who already need it must also monitor their blood sugar level. The avocado is a sugar-free and delicious supplement for every meal. And a recent study published in the Nutrition Journal and financed by the Avocado Council Hass has discovered that simply adding or replacing half an avocado during meals can help reduce insulin spike 30 minutes after eating.3 In the study, 26 healthy overweight adults consumed a lunch without avocado, with avocado or with the replacement of avocado with other components of food. The researchers found that the maximum increase in insulin levels 30 minutes after the start of the meal with the replacement of the avocado of some foods decreased considerably (37%) compared to food without avocado. Furthermore, insulin in the blood remained considerably lower during the next 3 hours. When avocado was added to food, the maximum increase in insulin levels decreased considerably (22%). The results provide promising clues and a basis for future research to determine the effect of avocado on glucose and insulin response.

Fresh Avocados – Saborea Uno Today offers other free resources in Spanish and English including healthy and easy to prepare recipes included in the guide, such as this tasty turkey pie with spicy and healthy avocado sauce.

Information on the Hass Avocado Board

Hass Avocado Council (HAB) is an agricultural promotion group established in 2002 to promote the consumption of Hass avocados in the United States. A council of 12 members representing national producers and importers of avocados Hass directs HAB's promotion, information and research programs under the supervision of the US Department of Agriculture. The HAB funding comes from avocado producers and importers Hass of the United States. In 2010, HAB established a nutritional research program to increase knowledge and improve understanding of the unique benefits avocados provide to human health. Visit for recipes and bilingual articles on or related to fresh avocados, their nutrients and dietary patterns that include them. Follow HAB on Facebook, Instagram, chirping, Pinterest and on YouTube.

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to contact: Vickie Allande-Fite by Hass Avocado Council
(310) 613-0937

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