Fresh Es Campur Ko Acia in Sawah Besar, Contents Twelve Toppings

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Jalan Dwiwarna Raya, Kartini, Sawah Besar District, Central Jakarta, the day before fasting, it looks very crowded. Dozens of motorbikes were parked on the side of the road, to be precise in the culinary kiosk area next to the Santo Joseph School, Central Jakarta.

One of the stalls that the buyers are not afraid of is mixed ice owned by Suyanto (Nio Nguan Lie). This man from Pontianak has opened a mixed ice shop since 1980, his name is Es Campur Ko Acia. For almost an hour of KONTAN sitting there, Suyanto kept making mixed orders for ice. Some come directly, there are orders from the application.

One of the buyers, Restu. He is an old customer. “It’s fresh mixed ice and lots of toppings. We are free to choose,” said the woman.

Apart from mixed ice, there are at least 20 ice menus at the kiosk. Just look, from cendol ice, longan ice, ice basil, and so on. The price starts from 10,000 to Rp 22,000 per portion.

“This is typical Pontianak ice. I learned to make it myself. And in Jakarta there are no branches other than here,” said Suyanto, who is familiarly called Ko Acia.

In a day, at least he can sell 400 servings of mixed ice. On weekends, it can reach 600 servings. Ko Acia always mixes and checks incoming orders. One employee is only in charge of packing the ice that is brought.

Es Campur Ko Acia is not only famous for its freshness, but also because of its so many toppings. The mixed ice in this shop has 12 types of toppings. Among them are red beans, green beans, fro, cendol, jelly, grass jelly, basil, avocado, longan, coconut juice, and jelly. There’s really a lot of sensation.

So, if you don’t like the stuffing of everything, you can choose according to your taste.

It takes about 3 minutes to wait for a portion of mixed ice if you don’t queue. At first Ko Acia shaved ice cubes. Then the ice shavings will be washed with all the toppings and then poured with brown sugar and coconut milk sauce.

It tastes really fresh. The sweetness is thick but doesn’t make you feel bad. Apart from being sweet and fresh, there is also a savory sensation. Especially when combined with green beans. Enjoy!

So, if you want to enjoy the sensation of 12 toppings without coconut milk, you can order the Shanghai ice variant. The filling is the same as the mixed ice, only the sauce is different. “For shanghai ice, the sauce is made of stork stamp syrup, white sugar, and milk,” said Ko Acia.

As a result, mixed ice tastes thick and sweet, while Shanghai ice tends to be lighter. You’re welcome fresh!

Because the filling is so many, this bowl of mixed ice and shanghai ice makes you full. But if you want to add more heavy meals, on either side of Ko Acia there are many food stalls, such as Bakwan Malang or Mushroom Chicken Noodles.

As for the Ko Acia stall there is fish brittle mackerel. The price is 35,000 per pack. There are also fish crackers.

Selected materials

The uniqueness of Pontianak mixed ice lies in the coconut milk and red bean sauce. Before being poured into various toppings, coconut milk will be mixed with sweetened condensed milk. In the process, Ko Acia will take coconut milk in the drum, then put it in a 20-centimeter teapot. The coconut milk is then mixed with sweetened condensed milk. After it is evenly mixed, it is immediately poured into the mixed ice topping.

Once kneading coconut milk and milk, it can serve 5-8 servings of mixed ice. In a day, at least 1 20 liter drum filled with coconut milk runs out.

The red beans from Ko Acia mixed ice are also different, because he deliberately chose imported red beans from Thailand. Small in size and softer when processed. Ko Acia also uses imported green beans from Thailand. These green beans will be processed like making green bean porridge.

“All the toppings, I make my own, jelly and cendol make myself. I use brown sugar which is of good quality,” said Ko Acia.

Are you interested in enjoying this typical Pontianak ice bowl? Just go to the Es Campur Ko Acia kiosk in the Sawah Besar area. During the fasting month, the stalls are open as usual. From 09.30 until 18 in the afternoon. “This shop doesn’t have a day off,” said Ko Acia.

Because this shop is located on the side of a road that is not too wide, those of you who come to drive a car must be smart in finding a parking space, huh!

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