Sport Friendlies for the Professional League Cup: Boca triumph, Independiente...

Friendlies for the Professional League Cup: Boca triumph, Independiente defeat, many penalties and the successes of the First National

Edwin Cardona faces a dominated ball in Boca’s 3-1 match against Estudiantes, from Río Cuarto, in Ezeiza. Credit: @bocajuniors

A new Saturday of friendly matches for Argentine soccer. With a view to the start, on October 30, of the competition for the Professional League Cup, teams continue to gain pace and pace, while coaches draw conclusions to make decisions.

At this point, the one who has to be most restless is Lucas Pusineri, whose Independent lost again. After the 0-2 at the hands of Morón a few days ago, this time he took two defeats against the same opponent, Julio Sanguinetti’s Banfield. It was better for other greats: his neighbor from Avellaneda, Racing, and the Argentine champion, Boca, they were successful.

Next, a meeting by meeting review of the clubs that are getting ready to dispute the new national football trophy.

Independent vs. Banfield

In Avellaneda there were two parties. The initial was between alternates and finished 2-1 for Banfield, that through Juan Manuel Cruz and Mauricio Asenjo he took advantage; the local goal was Gonzalo Asis. It was the Drill’s first friendly since the restart of the activity. Pusineri lined up Álvarez; Asis, Barreto, Muñoz and Ortega; Benavídez and L. González; Blanco, Velasco and Brian Martínez, and Messiniti. Banfield appeared with Sanguinetti; Arciero, Tanco, Sosa and Quinteros; Linares, Cabrera and Dátolo; Álvarez, Asenjo and Cruz.

Independiente played two friendlies in their stadium with Bandfield and lost both; on stage, Pablo Hernández. Credit: @Independiente

Then they faced the usual Headlines. And the visitors also won, but by 3 to 2, with goals from Giuliano Galoppo (two heads) and Martín Payero (great right at an angle). Silvio Romero and Andrés Roa scored those of Rojo. The host’s training was as follows: Sebastián Sosa; Fabricio Bustos, Alan Franco, Alexander Barboza and Lucas Rodríguez; Lucas Romero and Pablo Hernández; Jonathan Menéndez, Roa and Federico Martínez, and Romero. The winner formed with Facundo Altamirano; Luciano Gómez, Alexis Maldonado, Luciano Lollo and Claudio Bravo; Jorge Rodríguez and Galoppo; Mauricio Cuero, Payero and Fabián Bordagaray, and Agustín Fontana.

Independiente, who has not been a local champion for almost 18 years, suffered the departures of several footballers and others were close to leaving the club. For the South American Cup, whose dispute was interrupted by the quarantine, he is installed in the round of 32. And for now, even between the relative implications of the returns and the results in friendlies, it does not give hopeful signs. He has two weeks left to straighten out for the official competition.

The goals of Independiente 2 vs. Banfield 3

Mouth vs. Students, from Río Cuarto

Boca received Estudiantes, from Río Cuarto, in Ezeiza and beat him 3-1. The team led by Miguel Ángel Russo, which this Thursday will face the last date of the group stage for the Copa Libertadores against Caracas, in La Bombonera, had a majority of substitutes and reserve players. His goals were scored by Edwin Cardona, Gastón Ávila and Sebastián Villa. For the visiting team Ibrahim Hesar scored.

Further, Villa played his second friendly after being relegated from the campus for a judicial investigation for alleged violence against his girlfriend. He entered in the second half and at 33 minutes he put final figures in the test that Boca used to keep the usual substitutes active.

Russo chose Javier García; Julio Buffarini, Ávila, Renzo Giampaoli and Agustín Sandez; Enzo Roldán, Aaron Molinas and Alan Varela; Cardona, and Ramón Ábila and Mateo Retegui. Mauro Zárate, who had suffered a tear, could not be from the game. And Manuel Roffo came in to save in the second half.

Racing vs. Gimnasia

At the Tita Mattiussi estate, in Avellaneda, Racing beat Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata by 2 to 1. Without the presence of Diego Maradona, the Wolf was directed by Sebastián Méndez and Adrián González. The goals were the work of Mauricio Martínez and Matías Rojas, for the local, and Sebastian Coccimano, author of the discount.

Racing presented several substitutes, since this Wednesday they will play against Estudiantes, from Mérida (Venezuela), the last date of group F for the Copa Libertadores. He’s already qualified for the round of 16.

Against Gimnasia he gained the advantage with a header from Martínez at 4 minutes, and Rojas established the 2-0 at 20 with a shot from outside the area, against an opponent who had two chances in that first half: a free kick to a stick, by the Paraguayan Víctor Ayala, and an action by Nicolás Contín.

In the second period, beyond the variations, the two teams continued with the premise of pressing the opponent’s exit and handling the ball. In this context, the gymnastics discount came through a header from Coccimano.

Colon-Rosario Central

Colón beat Rosario Central 4-1 in the first friendly of the day at Brigadier General Estanislao López, his stadium. Tomás Chancalay, Rodrigo Aliendro, Wilson Morelo (criminal) and Gonzalo Escobar scored the goals of the Sabalero team, while Lucas Gamba (penal) got the discount.

The summary of Colon 4 vs. Central 1

The substitutes also played and Colón won 1-0 in a 70-minute game. Cristian Bernardi converted a free kick in the 10th minute.

Colón, a member of zone 2 of the Professional League Cup, will make his debut against Defense and Justice in Florencio Varela; Central will be local against Godoy Cruz for the 3.

Students vs. Arsenal

With goals from the Uruguayans Diego García and Martín Cauteruccio (criminal) In the second half, Estudiantes beat Arsenal 2-0 behind closed doors at Stadium One.

Javier Mascherano It was the axis of the local game. The first goal came in the 25th minute through a shot from Garcia after a rebound delivered by goalkeeper Maximiliano Gagliardo. Four minutes later, Cauteruccio transformed with a high shot to the right a penalty derived from a foul against Ángel González.

Students formed with Mariano Andújar; Leonardo Godoy, Mauricio Guzmán, Nicolás Bazzana and Iván Erquiaga; Iván Gómez and Javier Mascherano; González, Darío Sarmiento and Lucas Rodríguez, and Cauteruccio. In the final part Diego García entered for Sarmiento. Gagliardo acted for Arsenal; Horacio Igarzábal, Fabio Pereyra, Gastón Suso and Emiliano Papa; Facundo Kruspzky, Mateo Carabajal, Alejo Antilef and Nicolás Castro, and Nicolás Miracco and Lucas Albertengo.

Argentinos vs. Atlanta

In La Paternal, Argentinos Juniors was surprised by Atlanta, who defeated him 2-1. The local went ahead on the scoreboard with a definition by Gabriel Hauche over the head of the visiting goalkeeper, Francisco Rago. But the Villa Crespo team, which plays in the First National, turned the score around in the second half, with a penalty from Luis López and a goal from Fabricio Pedrozo.

The host was able to equalize in the last two minutes, but Mateo Coronel (definition to a post), Matías Caruzzo (header that the goalkeeper solved) and Juan Román Pucheta (shot very high) wasted opportunities from favorable positions.

The synthesis of Argentinos 1 vs. Atlanta 2

Those led by Diego Dabove were included in zone 5 for the Professional League Cup, in which they will have as rivals San Lorenzo, Estudiantes and Aldosivi. Meanwhile, Atlanta awaits the resolution on how the First National will be played, which will resume on November 7.

Godoy Cruz vs. Gymnastics, from Mendoza

In a first friendly between Mendoza teams at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium, Godoy Cruz fell to Gimnasia 2-0. Like Argentines, Tomba was surprised by an opponent who participates in the Primera Nacional and who after two 30-minute halves, won with goals from Santiago González and Fernando Cortés, under the technical direction of Diego Pozo.

There was a second test of 60 minutes, but between alternative alignments, and in that case the victory corresponded to Godoy Cruz, 3-1.

Board of Trustees-Atlético Rafaela

By last, Patronato beat Atlético, of the First National, in Rafaela and by 1-0, behind closed doors, as in all other cases.

The goal was Christian Chimino, 4 minutes into the second half, by means of a penalty, in a day in which despite the games being friendly, there were plenty of offenses by defenders in their areas. The game was divided into 30-minute halves.

There was a second crossing, with the winner reversed: Rafaela triumphed 2-0, thanks to goals from Luna and Pogonza. In addition to the new success of a second category club over one of the first, there was again a penalty, but in this case the goalkeeper won: Nahuel Pezzini won the duel against José Barreto.

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