Friuli “false data on intensive care” / Ministry inspectors against regional numbers

The Friuli Venezia Giulia, except for upheavals, next week it will become the yellow zone: the 10% quota for busy intensive care units, as well as the other criteria necessary for color change (incidence of cases and ordinary hospitalization threshold) have been largely exceeded. On the Region administered by the President of the Conference of Regions Massimiliano Fedriga however now weighs an investigation of inspectors of the Ministry of Health regarding alleged bogus numbers on intensive care.

The report drawn up in recent months by the inspectors of the Ministry on hospitals of Palmanova and Gorizia frames the real situation of the beds in FVG: well, it turns out that the 8 resuscitation beds of the Emergency Medicine of Palmanova, for example, exist but they would not be true intensive therapies as for some time reported by the AAROI (anesthetists). Unleash the opposition, first of all Walter Zalukar, Regional Councilor FVG – Mixed Group: «one wonders if all this has caused damage to the patients, or if these beds have been used as real intensive care beds, even if they did not meet the requirements, and therefore those very critical patients who needed to be treated in the regimen were admitted intensive».


Or, another accusation of different origin, the the number of some intensive therapies would have been “raised” to avoid exceeding the 10% threshold as much as possible responsible for the yellow zone. “But from all this another serious damage could derive for our regional community, in fact, with the overall number of intensive care beds in FVG now significantly lower than that previously declared, the percentage of occupancy of the intensive care beds rises and falls. reinforces the risk of ending up in the yellow zone, and then orange. Perhaps it would have been better to spend time and energy to upgrade the services rather than to advertise non-existent beds, refuting the data of the professionals, who work on those beds every day»Attacks Zalukar again. According to Pd Fvg regional secretary Cristiano Shaurli the responsibilities of the health councilor Ricciardi are important: “The anesthetists were right and Riccardi was wrong: this is the fact of the ministerial report on intensive care. In addition, the commissioner tried to provide citizens with distorted and tamed information, reiterating his version even in the face of the official inspection result. These are serious facts, in the face of which one cannot pretend nothing has happened, otherwise it is accepted that citizens no longer trust a piece of institutions, it is accepted that someone will bend the truth on a crucial issue such as public health to consent. But without transparency Covid cannot be won, and the FVG is in more difficulty than others. In the face of what is looming as a national scandal, we will evaluate the initiatives to be taken also in the Regional Council“. The latest data available yesterday speak in Friuli Venezia Giulia of 26 admissions to intensive care, stable data, while they are 223 (+8) the hospitalized in the other Covid ordinary departments.

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