From a distance, they strengthen the preservation of Nahuatl

Using digital platforms, students and teachers from the indigenous primary school Maxixcatzin, in San Isidro Buensuceso in San Pablo del Monte, strengthened their care for the Nahuatl language and highlighted their learning by holding a virtual Christmas inn.

Through its social networks, the Secretary of Public Education of the State (Sepe), shared the transmission to highlight that, despite the pandemic, the Christmas holidays can be celebrated remotely.

Thus, the students, online, represented a Christmas shepherd and wore costumes according to the characters of angels, José and María. While the teachers supported them in organizing the program.

Previously, the principal of Maxixcatzin Elementary, Martha Mendoza, said that this effort was to not miss the celebration of the Christmas holidays at a distance with the support of parents.

In the online broadcast, the head of the Indigenous Education Department of the Educational Services Unit of Tlaxcala, Alma Rosa Sampredro Reyes, emphasized the pride of speaking the Nahuatl language in Tlaxcala, for which she stated that for the head of the Sepe, Florentino Domínguez, the development of these school activities is important.

“The most important thing is that they raise their voices with identity. To tell the teachers that fortunately they have the leadership at the time of recognizing the parents, I know that in the communities it is not easy to communicate because it is difficult for the signal to arrive, but they make possible many unforgettable moments ”, he expressed.

According to official data from the Sepe, in this school year 5,368 students are registered and in Initial Education there are 793 students in 22 educational centers, while in preschool there are 1,524 enrolled in 20 institutions and 3,521 minors study in 14 primary.



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