From Cernobbio to London: this is how Meloni aims to reassure the establishment

In Cagliari, where she spoke on Friday 2 September for an electoral rally, the leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni sent reassuring messages to the establishment. Beginning with the dear energy dossier: «I am in complete agreement on the price cap – she clarified -: we have guaranteed the government maximum support in a battle that we consider fundamental. In the last few hours I have become a bit more optimistic than in the past few days ». And on her possible role as first female prime minister, interviewed on TG5, when asked if she feels ready for Palazzo Chigi, she replied: “You are never ready for a challenge of this type – you fend off -, but I am ready to my best “.

A reassuring profile for the leader of FdI

In short, the line is once again that of the more institutional, reassuring profile. Concreteness and open dialogue with citizens (who “must have equal dignity, not be subjects”) but also, in particular, with the world of work and business. Meloni certainly looks at the appointment on Sunday 4 September in this key too: the “stress test” at the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio. Meloni will speak together with all the other leaders. The hot topics are many, from energy to Ita, to see what the response of the elite of the economic and entrepreneurial world will be.

The hypothesis of a trip to London to reassure investors

Economic, but also financial establishment. As revealed by an article published by La Stampa, the leader of the Brothers of Italy is planning a trip to London to meet the leaders of the City and reassure them about the future of Italy. Starting with the keeping of public accounts. In fact, if the League presses for a maxi-budget variance as in the times of the Covid crisis to finance measures that can mitigate the impact of expensive energy on families and companies, the leader of FdI – in line with what continues to support Palazzo Chigi – he opposes a firm no: acting quickly is fine, because bills are “a top priority”, but no new debt.

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The reassurances in Brussels: with me there are no risks

At the end of August, Meloni took the opportunity of an interview with Reuters to launch a very clear message to Brussels, but also to the financial markets, reassuring with clear words about the seriousness of his next economic policy choices, should he ever lead the next government. On that occasion he pointed out that the public accounts, with FdI at the helm of Palazzo Chigi, “run no risk”, that the next budget law will respect every parameter required. Italy will defend its national interests, but as France and Germany already do, so no one wants to do “follies”, “destroy or leave Europe”.

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