Entertainment From Colombia to Argentina to take everything: how was...

From Colombia to Argentina to take everything: how was the beginning of “Los Internacionales”, the most famous gang of thieves in the world

This Wednesday, it started on the Telefe screen The Internationals, the series starring Cecilia Roth and Juan Pablo Shuk, co-production of Viacom International Studios (VIS), The Mediapro Studio, Telecom and Olympusat.

The Internationals It is the first police fiction set in the Argentine political and economic crisis of 2001. Based on the journalistic novel by Nahuel Gallota titled The Bogotá connection, the miniseries consists of eight chapters.

The fiction tells the story of a gang of Colombian thieves who decide to travel to Argentina to carry out a succession of robberies. In 2001, many Argentines were forced to remove their savings and belongings from banks in the face of the deep political and economic crisis. The team of the most famous gang of thieves in the world He takes advantage of the chaos to carry out operations in apartments and houses, making significant sums of money and jewelry, and thus becoming a legend.

In this first installment, you can see the character that Roth plays as a relentless, heavy-handed prosecutor who will have the mission of catching the gang that will soon begin their crimes in Argentina. Her objective is to avoid receiving all kinds of bribes and to become a judge of the Supreme Court of Justice for her impeccable conduct. On the sentimental level, she has Castillo as her lover with whom she maintains a parallel relationship to her marriage. The character played by Rafael Ferro is a SIDE agent, corrupt and unscrupulous.

For his part, the other protagonist of this story is Fausto (Juan Pablo Shuk). Born and raised in the Las Cruces neighborhood, he grew up seeing and admiring Los Vieja Guardia Internationals. When he reached youth and wanted to go international, he received the guidance and support of his friend and neighbor Diminson. He began to accompany him on his trips with other bands and, over time, they put together their own. He eventually became an expert thief and is one of the best.

Shot in Bogotá and Buenos Aires, this great production involved more than 200 professionals during 65 days. The Internationals have a stellar cast, led by Cecilia Roth -like the prosecutor Marta Costas- and Juan Pablo Shuk -under the skin of Fausto, the leader of the band-, is made up of Rafa Ferro, Boy Olmi, Carlos Santamaría, Gustavo Garzón, Rami Herrera, Sebastián Osorio, Camilo Amores, Christian Vega, Laura Perico and Susana Varela.


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