From energy to your mobile: the rise in prices in September will intensify the increase in operator rates

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The The rise in energy prices and its impact on the inflation data for September has multiple derivatives in the daily economy of Spaniards, one of them, and perhaps among the most unexpected, will be a drag effect on the rates of call connections and Internet connections in homes.

Since last year, the September CPI has become a thermometer of what will happen to the sector, since, in that autumn, operators such as Vodafone and Avatel included a clause in their clients’ contracts by which they reserve the possibility of applying to the price of the rates an increase equivalent to the average interannual CPI of the date. After the rebound in September, this indicator, which marks the top of the increases for these two companies, rises to waiting for the final data that is published in the middle of the month, at 4.38%which would mean an increase of one euro per month (12 euros per year) in the average fiber optic rates in the home plus a mobile line.

“Waiting for the results of this year’s official average CPI, currently Vodafone has not made a final decision in this regard. In the event that it becomes effective, the measure will be promptly communicated to its clients in a timely manner and implemented during the first quarter of 2024,” they point out to THE WORLD from the company.

Although this measure was promoted from London, the operator’s headquarters, the truth is that the management team of Vodafone Spain has been transformed since then with a new CEO, Mario Vazand a new director of the residential area, Ignacio Romanwho landed in the company this Monday and is focusing his efforts on regaining the commercial pulse.

Regardless of whether the operator exercises this option or not, the price increase applies only to connectivity services and It does not affect Lowi clients or vulnerable groups. For its part, Avatel has stated that it will apply the policy “selectively” with the aim of “harmonizing and homogenizing” the company’s offer among the operators it has been acquiring.

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