From Falco to Sarah Connor: When radios do not want to play songs


Sarah Connor is not necessarily what you call a scandal singer. The 38-year-old sings a lot about love and relationships, does not like escapades in her private life. If she did make a fuss then it was because she was spanking the text of the German national anthem.

But now the musician has trouble with a song with which she actually had good intentions: “Vincent” should promote an open approach to homosexuality.

Some radios have decided to only shorten the song of Connors new album “Herz Kraft Werke”, some even banished the song completely from the program. In “Vincent”, there is a boy who realizes that he is gay; and the problem lies in the first line: “Vincent does not get 'high' when he thinks of girls.”

Connor is outraged. In an RTL interview, the musician says: “We always pretend that it's everywhere, as if it's all right, and then it gets to the heart of a song, and then there's resentment.” With all the frustration – ” Vincent »is far from the first song that has a hard time in Germany's radio stations.

Especially known for scandals: Falco (1957-1998). In 1985, he sang in kidnapping and abuse of a minor in “Jeanny” – at least that was the interpretation of many listeners. While the Tabubruch paid off neatly for the record company, renounced many radio stations on the song of the Austrian. Already Falco's title “All of Vienna (… is on heroin today)” had been banned from broadcasting on Austrian radio. Even the good-mood hit “The Commissioner” met with great skepticism in many places.

Other songs were stopped even before a possible boycott of authorities. Temporarily record holder at indexing by the Federal Examination Office for harmful to minors was the Berlin punk band Die Ärzte. For example, the title “Geschwisterliebe” could not be made accessible to under-18s. In the 1987 song, the group around Farin's holiday sang of sexual intercourse between brother and sister.

Also a thorn in the eye was the youth protection from time to time the band Rammstein. The album “Love is for all” landed in 2009 on the index of the test center. The reason was that one of the songs would glorify violence and animate to unprotected sex. Later, a court reversed the decision again.

But it does not always have to be about brutality or targeted provocation. Some people were just unlucky. Definitely not guilty had been the pop group Juli, as radio stations throughout Germany and Austria in 2004 their song “The perfect wave” from the program. Background was a devastating tidal wave with tens of thousands of victims in Asia. The transmitter responsible persons called piety and propriety as reasons for their decision.

Even in the present, Sarah Connor's “Vincent” is not the only title that broadcasters are struggling with. With his sometimes obscene texts about violence, sex and drugs provokes about the Berlin rapper Capital Bra so much that some waves do not play his music basically. “The music is too extreme for our broad audience,” Antenna Bayern program director Ina Tenz told the “Bild” newspaper in February.

Whether and how often the works of an artist are played on the radio, however, does not necessarily provide information about his success: Capital Bra, whose real name is Vladislav Balovatsky, was the most streamed musician in Germany in May.


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