From Ferrari in the lake to that of melons: the 5 “Come on!” April (+1)

But there are also 53-year-olds fleeing traffic police at 190 hours and electric toy cars stolen from children. The five most unusual episodes of the month that happened on the street

Drivers on the run from the police, thieves of electric toy cars for children, Ferrari in the bathroom or used to bring melons to the locals. The “Come on! – The Top 5 “of Official Motors find the most unique episodes every month around Italy or the world, related to two or four wheels. Also in April, we report five events (+1) all to be read.

5) Turin, the 53-year-old fleeing the police at 190 per hour

Denounced by the traffic police because he was caught speeding at 190 per hour on the ring road in Turin. The protagonist? A 53-year-old in a white SUV without insurance coverage and periodic inspection. In the middle there is also a chase and a bag containing two switchblade knives with long blades. The cost of the fine and the license points that have been lost? Find out with a click!

4) The Ferrari slips and takes a bath in Lake Garda

A slightly original way to wash your car. Especially if what we are driving is a 340 thousand euro Ferrari 812 Gts! Blame also for the sloping road, in addition to the carelessness of the owner. The accident is so inevitable, with the supercar also taken in an image while taking a bath… at the lake!

3) Drunk behind the wheel? No, he was testing autonomous driving

In Canada there are those who drive in zigzags, but they are not a driver! Rather, a man aboard a self-driving car with a semi-automated system. Thus, the thought of two police officers of finding themselves a drunk man proved wrong. Here’s how it turned out.

2) The thief of children’s electric cars

A nightmare that any child does not deserve to live. The one suffered by a little boy from Grottaferrata, on the outskirts of Rome, who saw his toy electric mini-SUV blown: a Mercedes Amg worth 400 euros. Fatal her and her mother’s inattention. The culprit is a 40-year-old worker, later caught by the local police. Fortunately, all is well when it ends well: the electric car is finally back in the arms of its very young owner.

1) Vietnam, the 488 Gtb to transport melons

The genes are two Vietnamese manufacturers, the car is a replica of a Ferrari 488 Gtb. In place of the 3.9-liter V8 there is a small air-cooled power unit from a water pump, while the chassis is made of steel with fiberglass and composite glue. What is the supercar for? To bring melons to the people of the country! If you click, inside there is also the video of the fake creature from Maranello.

Extra) Cinderella’s Chinese carriage

It is purchasable on Alibaba and made by Xuchang Hengyisheng Commercial Co., Ltd. We are talking about a Chinese-origin electric carriage with a 2,000W electric motor and a top speed of 30km / h. To take the basic model home you need 2 thousand dollars (just over 1,661 euros). Inside you will find the other specifications.


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